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I've been drinking....I've been drinking! Yup! I love cocktails and I had more than I could handle when Mz B invited me to sample her goodies…errrrr….I mean to have a taste of her cocktails till I was full! I mentioned it in this week’s Monday Chit-Chat…you didn’t read it? You’re jonzing oh! I was saying that I crashed someone's wedding to taste these cocktails...LOL.

Well, I blog for food and drinks so I carried myself there. I wish you could taste each cocktail as I describe them but technology is not quite there yet, you might have to go and order ya own to testify of Mz B's cocktails. Scroll through the mouth-watering photos to read my review! Ps.  This review was done at a wedding and I wish the lovely couple (Ngee and Eddie) a happy married life...it was a beautiful wedding and the jollof rice was sweet, the fish on my plate was big and they even added goat meat. I was so happy to be there :D

There's discount attached to this post, if you have an event coming up, you get 10% off if you use the services of Mz B. So let me know in the comment section below...add your email oh! 
Mz B started me off with  Virgin Sunrise. It is a mix of pineapple and watermelon. It's light and I didn't know how I finished it in one sip. Olounje. It’s very pretty to look at because it’s peach on the top and yellow at the bottom. I need to ask her how it’s made. 

Next I got the Chapman with a twist. It was garnished with a pretty star cut cucumber. Please don't tell me you've not tasted Chapman before because I don't know how to describe it. This one was more bitter than sweet, I liked that.  All the mommies that keep screaming "ah no sugar, jedi jedi" will love it. I also like the after taste, very strong. 

Blue Lagoon is more like a blue lemonade. Very lovely colour - interesting and quite refreshing. It reminds me of the blueish greenish beaches of Grenada….It's dressed with lime and it has a tangy lemonade taste to it. If you like lemonade you’ll love this. 

Bora Bora was my last cup...what hit me when I tasted it was ginger! I love ginger... Bobo's sister can make ginger with anything and I'm sure she'll like this one. It reminded me a bit of kunu in a good way. It's very light...and refreshing! I sipped it till there was nothing left. 

Which was my favourite? I loved them all, for looks I loved Virgin Sunrise and for taste Bora Bora stuck a chord within me, I had to get a “take away” for it. Everything was sweet not just because it tasted good, but because she has such a sweet personality to go with it! She's called The Cocktails Mixtress for a reason sha...
My Bora Bora takeaway!
Like I said this tasting was at a wedding, and I was impressed by how organised her staff were, drinks were just moving fiam fiam and everyone looked like they were enjoying it. See photos of the event below!

For every occasion and for every mood, there is a cocktail, End-of-Year Parties…Weddings Ceremonies…Birthday Celebrations…Corporate Events…Children’s Parties…Burial Ceremonies. You can order Punches…Mocktails…Classic Cocktails…Smoothies & Slushes…Champagne Cocktails… and Mz. B!’s Signature Cocktails…The cocktails catalogue is endless – as are the many different occasions for enjoying them.


  1. Definately can't wait to try MzB's cocktail. Been flooding my twitter TL and making me waaaay too thirsty!

  2. MzB make some mean cocktails. Tried some at the Charity Carwash and was blown

  3. Just seeing that they're real fruit made fresh on site, wow!

  4. Lovely
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  5. Congratulation !!! ,seem sisiyemmie is pregnant.

    You are doing a good job with your bogging.

    Secondly, you have not uploaded any food recipe of recent?


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