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Hello my darlings! Compliments of the season...I can still say Merry Christmas!!! I also wish you a happy New Year in advance....2015 we see you and we will enter in love, joy, peace, fruitfulness! 2014 has been real, awesome, wonderful for the most part and a year of growth. I can't wait to see the goodies 2015 brings *rubs hands in glee*  but first of all, lets talk about Christmas! How was Christmas for you? I absconded from this blog since wednesday, I nor even get time to wish una merry christmas...I'm badly behaved abi? E ma binu. I think it had something to do with the hampers I didn't get *unlooks

I forgive you can still make it up to me this new year :D . Before I get into the Christmas gist, let me remind you, especially those of you reading Monday Chit-Chat for the first time, (please come outside let us sing our welcome song for you) if you're the first to leave a comment + your email you win free airtime recharge! Gerrit?

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I had fun on Christmas day! Bobo believes that day is just a day to spend with family, eating jollof and fried rice, drinking unlimited quantity of ice-cream, watching TV and sleeping. I agree. Sometimes. LOL. Abeg lets go out. My friend Simi suggested we go to the beach and me I was like "beach ke on xmas day?" luna know how that rain tin dey be rowdy and hot and just unbearable. However the suggestion was to go to Eko Tourist Beach...never been there. Never heard of it. Leggo!

The journey to that place was looooong, dem for kuku tell me say na Warri we dey go. All the way from the mainland, past lekki, past ajah , then just dey goooooo. Just dey go! LOL. We finally reached there and we got introduced to the other couples joining us for the getstogedas. It was nice, lots to eat, it wasn't crowded...I loved it.

What was also cool is that we didn't get to spend a lot of money: I made jollof rice, and each couple brought food items, at the end of the day we had a beautiful variety. Instead of only me cooking all of that, we all shared the responsibility. Awesome! We should do this more often! 

Enjoy the photos below and guess what? I went the extra mile and filmed Christmas eve and Christmas day! So if the picture nor do you, just click to watch the video! It was fun!
T baby!
Fried rice and jollof rice
White rice
Fruit Cake
Christmas cake!
Ice cream!
Show off! LOL
see moves!
See how Bobo is sweating
Selfie time!
Sisi & Bobo 
Jumoke and Kunle
Ema and Tony
Akin and Simi
The whole crew


  1. Lovely pics

  2. Awwn lots of fun

  3. nice.....happy new yr in advance..

  4. I should go there on new year's day.

  5. Aww, MY WEDDING VENUE!!! We haven't gone back there since... maybe we'll pay them a visit soon.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance :)

    Berry Dakara Blog

  6. so much fun....hope i'm d first to comment......

  7. lovely

  8. First to comment😆

  9. awwwww first time on this blog and those delicacies got me salivating....Nice..Its obvious you had so much fun

  10. Argh! Not sure I was signed in properly with my earlier comment.

    My WEDDING VENUE!!! We haven't been back to Eko Tourist Beach resort since the wedding... we should pay them a visit soon, for extra 1-Year anniversary celebration!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!

    Berry Dakara Wedding at Eko Tourist Beach

  11. Compliment of the season sisi yemmie

  12. Merry Christmas Sisi Yemmie! No doubt you had a very merry one.. So much deliciousness and fun, and the food, just drooling :). Cheers to an ah-mazing 2015! It gets bigger&better in every way! & Thanx for your wonderful blog that puts a smile on my face always... Love,Dee.

  13. Compliment of the season

  14. you had a great christmas sisi.

  15. T Baby is soooo cute and her oko's hair looks so nice and full.
    Loved the video, one can tell how nice the atmosphere was out there.
    Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year in advance :)

  16. Happy holiday sisi...

  17. loving the glow (wink!)

  18. everything looks so nice, and you look different sha, maybe its my eye but I would say you are prego, if you are, Congrats girl!!!!

  19. Merry Christmas sisi. I also thought it was not nice of you to wish your readers merry Christmas. Anyway glad you had fun. I agree with Bobo. Its about eating and eating.

  20. Lovely, I went to primary school and university with Jumoke... Happy new year in advance!!!

  21. nice pictures.merry

  22. Nice pics MY SISI, keep the TurnUp going!

    #TurnUpKingNiAwonEleyi ooooo

    Eedris recently posted...Kim Kardashian explains why she doesn't smile often...

  23. Hey, where is the fruit cake from pls. Compliments of the season

  24. Looks like so much fun and the food looks good too. You and your husband are so cute together. xx

  25. Sisi o! See ur nose! Lol. I'm not yabbing you o, it Jst reminds me of ow my nose was when I was... I enjoyed d video. thanks

  26. It's official, I miiisssseeeedddd! I was supposed to be in Lagos with Uncle Kunle, Auntie Jumoke and my cutie-pie Adrian for Christmas. Kunz sent me the link to the video just to torment me...*sob sob sob*

    BTW, nice website. I enjoyed reading the posts I

  27. Gosh! Sisi Yemmie there is no dull moment with u. Me I didn't have d strength to go out on christmas day o. After all d cooking n sharing food to Christians and non Christians I was really tired to lift a finger. Hopefully on the 2nd of Jan I shud go out. Regards to bobo,that chicken is to die for. Lol

  28. I luv u sooo much. Welcome to 2015


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