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Ha ha ha....I was minding my business jejely on twitter when a picture floated across my TL...Ki le leyi, I asked myself. It looked like a plate of food sha, make I click. Jamie made Jollof...this should be good! I clicked on the link and it took me to his website where the recipe was...I read it and I'm glad he said this was HIS version of Jollof rice, but I don't think many people really got that memo-they were really upset! I'm looking at the picture and shaking my head, Jollof Rice does not really need all that senrenren on it...see lime, and big balls of pepper. Nah, I would not readily call that jollof as I know it. 

The thing about jollof rice is this: it is personal and jollof lovers get very very emotional about it. jollof rice is king and many felt Jamie murdered the thing. Thank God he didn't say "Nigerian Jollof Rice"so the backlash wasn't much...It's the Ghanaians vs Jamie Oliver. 

Jamie Oliver, if you ever read this, I'd like to share with you my Nigerian Party Jollof Rice Recipe,  one of a kind recipe with testimonies...if you give it a try, you will never remix jollof again. CLICK HERE to see my Party Jollof Rice Recipe. 

Some of these comments blow my mind....LOL. People get so emotional about jollof rice. How does Jollof Rice make you feel? Have you seen the Jollof Banner on the side of my blog? he he he


  1. Whoever this Jamie is, is definitely high on some crack shit!.....

  2. the last comment is hilarious......i still love your quote on jollof rice Sisi....#TreatMeLikeJollofRice#..lol
    The Beautiful Eagle

  3. I feel insulted just by looking at the picture. Almighty Jollof Rice! You tarnish the real essence, the real taste with gbogbo things yi nau. Anyway, we forgive him.

  4. This felt like rape, slavery and human rights(rice) violation mixed together..... Whole ata rodo??? The garnishing was waaaaay off! Lemon ? kilode? lemme google the actual thing and see his ingredients.

  5. I personally love his version
    It looks so fabulous.
    Mouth watering...

    I am hungry, I can't concentrate again, this diet ehn?

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  6. I'm laughing really hard, last time I checked I though food was whatever you decide to make it. So make dem all chill abeg

  7. i was looking under d serenre to find atleast a seed of rice..

  8. My thoughts exactly. its Jamie's take on it. and am so going to try it out.......

  9. Lol. And he said it's his version oh, but of course people will ignore that!
    I would eat this sha, I like seeing chicken, pepper etc in my food. Anyone can make food anyhow they like it.


  10. I personally don't see anything wrong in his version. Yes, many caterers use nutmeg, bay leaves and even butter. Some put veggies in it. Did our forefathers use those ingredients? I think not. People just get overly emotional about these things. Let's embrace the fact that our food is finally getting international recognition like the Asian cuisines.

  11. I knooow right?? It's his take on jollof rice! It should actually be a compliment that it's being recognized! Fried rice nko? Some Nigerian fried rice that comes out green and is laden with peas...yuck.

  12. The use of nutmeg for jollof rice, is not bad. I personally make use of nutmeg. It's a spice, I think it allowed. Well as for Jamie's jollof rice, I would say it's traditional, not the classic jollof rice, Lol..........

  13. Life is not as hard as people want it to be lol. Variety is the spice of life haba they should free jamie jor.


  14. this is what am talking about.. esp Nigerian's owning to stuff they don't know the origin.
    Most Nigerian's I come across think all food esp in west africa is made in Nigeria. You copy us... oh the arrogance... irks me on this shortsightedness.
    Does rice originally grow in Africa?
    Do you know African culture has a lot of influence with Asian culture?
    Do you know that in Asia they use motar and pestle to do paste? Yes the proper one hard bark tree and long long pestle.
    Do you know why Jamie is interested in flavored foods? Jamie mentioned when he was in USA for one of his program. That he can't be racist because his lineage has got blacks in it...
    Due to migration lots of cultures have influenced each other.
    Jamie pic looks appetizing. Being to Indian restaurant and I didn't like the food. Went for an occasion catered and served Indian food and I loved it. then some1 explained to me it's been tailored to suit our taste.
    we should stop having a poverty mentality and say bravo think of ways to incorporate your heritage..

  15. Why people are upset is beyond me. I saw a snippet of something today saying some people are suing Jamie for it *smh*. I wonder if Indian or Chinese foods would have gotten this popular if the people acted like they OWNED the recipe. No one owns a recipe really, rather it originates from a country/place etc. I also think being able to modify a recipe without completely changing it allows for diversity and awareness (now a lot more people know what jollof rice is).


  16. Oh, please people! Have a sense of humour. You think Jamie Oliver is complaining about all this publicity? And I know for a fact that Jollof rice is loving the attention. If anything, the whole business brings out our unique sense of humour as Africans. No one is really taking that seriously. Personally, I have read some pretty hilarious comments that left me gasping for air with laughter. Good for the soul and food for Jollof rice!

    1. Exactly your comment is spot on. I think the people responding by saying people should chill out as they are the ones not in on the joke. Come on no one is really offended by this and to be honest it should be okay for us to have an "African" moment sometimes...lol

  17. Ain't nobody say jamie shouldn't take on his version calling it jollof rice just took it to a personal level...
    I wI'll cook his version but will never downgrade jollof rice by calling the food that...
    We all need to understand that some ppl value their food esp jollof rice like they value their religion.. Nuffin said

  18. lol jollof didn't even originate from either nigeria or ghana


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