I went to Lekki Conservative Center and I must say I was surprised to learn of such a place, I bet some people have lived all their lives in Lekki and still did not know it was there. The  Conservative Center is run by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, this center has a huge tract of wetlands set aside for wildlife viewing. Raised walkways enable you to see monkeys, crocodiles and various bird. There is a conservation center and a library. If you're thinking of your engagement shoot, you can come here! I even heard Wizkid shot his Jaiye Jaiye video here.

I went with Bobo, Miss Chic, Trace Scorch and it was fun. I wanted to go with Semilore's mommy and daddy but she was not in the mood to see monkeys. LOL. I met my former room mate from Igbinedion Uni, Bukky, it was a wonderful surprise! I think that was one of the highlights of my reminded me of how much time has passed, biko don't ask me when I finished school.
How I wan describe bush again. It was a swamp with lots of animals we were told but because we came late most of the animals were hiding under shades, or inside the water, because naija sun is too hot. Ajebutter animals, what do I expect when they are in Lekki? I feel them jare. O ti gbona ju! It was a swamp with a path for trekking through, deep inside was a tree house and in some other parts there was an open place with swings and stuff. I filmed a video you can view it at the bottom of the page, you will get a feel for what I'm trying to describe + you get to see my skelewu dance.

We trekked and were just sweating like Salah Ram, I don't know what I thought I was coming there to do: Trace climbed the tree house, we carried KFC bucket chicken and demolished it half way into our trek, that's because we were starving and the monkeys no gree us, they were following the scent. I was scared..
I wan't expecting "hospitality" per se. There was a guide at the beginning that told us to just "go straight" inside the swamp and by the time we could say Jack Robinson the guy don vanish. I guess they cannot escort everyone into the swamp, I just assumed we were meant to get a tour guide to really point out animals and stuff to us.
Did we pay money? I think 200 naira, but according to them that was for a ticket that could last us all year long, abeg who dey come again? How many times I wan see monkey? Shuo. Parents bring your kids, they will love it. Guys bring your babe here, don't worry it's not expensive + the bush can be romantic. lol, I will advice you to bring a drink because you will get dehydrated. 
It was very exciting to go there and just spend time in the swamp. LOL. I felt like a tourist on some exotic island. It is not an everyday activity, but definitely somewhere you should visit if you're looking for activities in Lagos. If you're coming, come early in the day so that you get to see everything we didn't see. 
Street Km-19, Lagos-Epe Expressway. Locality Lekki. That should be easy right? Its just straight on that Lekki road with all the 1 million roundabouts.


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  1. LMAO! @ How many times I wan see monkey.. U'r so funny

  2. Hi sisi yemmie, have u seen this job advert at PwC in Lagos?
    You came to my mind when i saw these 2 words in the advert "Confident, self-starter"

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  4. I love this! It gets people like me excited about my visit to Nigeria. I will be going to every single place you've reviewed. Keep it up! Soon you will be travelling within Africa and posting reviews of 'Places to visit' (Hey! I'm a dreamer)

  5. "The bush can be romantic".........Lolzzzz

  6. "The bush can be romantic"........Lolzzz

  7. Aaaw I like the way you're visiting different places in Lagos, it's so nice! I need to plan a trip where I actually TOUR Lagos and a few other places. I'd like to go to the slave center in Badagry, Onikan Museum and probably Olumo rock again. There are many beautiful and educative places to have fun, it's just hard to beleive they exist with all the stress and the fact that these places are not really maintained well...

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    Happy Weekend!
    Kind regards

    1. I need to add those places you've mentioned to my list oh! Thank you

  8. It really looks exotic. Lol@ bush can be romantic.

    Pls share your endometriosis stories @ Let's beat endo together!

  9. Please what camera do you use? A sister needs to up her game up with pictures lol

  10. Smooth pictures SY.
    Visited the park some years back....good to see that the standards still look reasonably maintained.

  11. I couldn't help laughing when you said you were sweating like Sallah ram.

  12. Erm, the animals are THAT close to you? I change my mind - I don't want to visit anymore.

  13. Replies
    1. Will the place be open on 31st and new year day?

    2. Will dey open on 31st Dec and new year's day?

  14. Nice pics! Lol @ "Ajebutter Animals" who can blame them, 9ja heat, gosh! But seriously #200? That's a deal there, I have taken note! Tnx :)

  15. Aww good to know it's still preserved and well functioning.
    I was here like 6 years ago
    We made so much noise sha, we didn't get to see any animals :(
    Thanks to you, I'll be visiting again :)


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