You're probably rolling your eyes saying, ahh where is SisiWeekly??Eeeees coming! Just tying to get it published so it might be up tonight, or tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed. I filmed this video in South Africa, the ambiance of the hotel was so good that I wanted to create a memory there, hence the video. 

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about success, and passion, and all that jazz and I believe the first place to start is checking your habits and if necessary making simple behavioural changes. Right? This is why my video last week was about 5 Smart Money Habits and today it's 3 habits/things successful people do. I have gotten a lot of feedback  (don't forget to leave me your thoughts in the comment section below) on youtube and if you're subscribed to me you've seen this video already.  Subscribe now!!! 

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  1. I so much love the point about excuses. I hate excuses and listening to people who always give excuses. You will always find excuses if you want to. The Bible says a sluggard says there's a lion in the street. You can always see lions if you want to but you can rise up and conquer the odds if you BELIEVE.

    One thing I do that works for me is writing down my everyday must-dos. They include:
    -Pray and study the word of God
    -Homeschool my kids
    -Work on my blog

    After accomplishing these must-dos I can then move on to do other things like cooking and checking social media. That helps to keep me from wasting time on things that are not priorities.

    Thanks for this, sisi!


  2. Congrats sisi. I am one of your vlog publicists o. We all love you!


  3. Thank You Sisiyemmie for sowing a positive seed into my life today..... This video is like a spring board for me to start my new project, and I'm sure starting it once.... Thanks babe

  4. Oh, God bless you Yemisi. The example of cutting through the lock, you used for the last point really cut through me.*pun intended*. I'm such a day dreamer.I believe everything is possible and work at it.These points are valid. I totally agree with you.

  5. Girl you are so on point.. i enjoyed reading this post


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