My birthday was on the 19th, just a few days ago in case you missed it. It's not too late, I am still accepting presents. LOL. If you've been following you'll know I was on a tour to South Africa and my birthday happened to be the second day we arrived! So let me show you in pictures AND video of how I spent my day! If you are not SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel you dey miss oh, SUBSCRIBE HERE to get access to all my videos. Follow the hashtag #nigeriameetsouthafrica   ,  @travel2sa and @sisi_yemmie on instagram to see photos from everyone on the trip.

My favourite part of my trip was always breakfast. So many options, so little time! I stuffed my mouth with enough bacon to last me till my next trip, scrambled eggs, croissants, all the varieties of freshly squeezed juice they had, freshly cut fruits and everything that was on the breakfast buffet. LOL. I did not come to play. 

I had my first surprise of the day at Cascades hotel where we lodged- I was jejunely eating my food oh when I saw people gathered by my side singing in the most beautiful harmonious voices, happy birthday! They even made me dance and "show my figure" LOL. You should watch the shot clip below because I can show you better than I can tell you :)
After breakfast I decided to look around the hotel and I found Juliet Ibrahim and Jackie Appiah having a photoshoot session with awesome Kelechi Amadi Obi. Me sef I jump inside and photobombed. You will do the same if it was you-this place is stunning! The blues, the greens, the browns...I felt like I was in a story book.

The Palace of the Lost City hotel is part of Sun International's Sunlux Collection of 5-star establishments and is styled in opulent African colours and architectural features. After breakfast, the day kicked off with an exploration of the palace. The Palace is close to various activities on the resort – two of these being the legendary Lost City Golf Course as well as the Maze of the Lost City 

The palace is opulent and lavish, and the tour guide made to mention that both my aunty Oprah Winfrey and bros Michael Jackson had stayed in the Presidential suites at The Palace of The Lost.What a wonderful wawuuuu!

Selfie in The Other Room

On this trip there was no idle moment oh, from touring The Palace of The Lost City

We had lunch! I had periperi ribs and it was soooo good that I helped Juliet Ibrahim finish hers. Don't worry, she's watching her waist. Me Im here for food.

The next thing to do was Quad Biking! I've done this in Lagos before but only for a few minutes because of limited areas to ride the bikes. This time I had a quad biking adventure around the African bush in a private game park named Letsatsing near Sun City and the Pilanesberg National Park. 

There were Instructors were on hand to assist with grips with the four wheelers, there was one in particular that was just hilarious, telling us things like "if I catch you using selfie stick while quad biking I will throw it into the bush" LOL. Oga why do you think we are here? How are people supposed to see all the life we are chopping? Watch the video below and hear him speak. LOL. 

I managed to get clips of us riding around...I sneaked to do it like a pupil in class doing "Expo" aka exam malpractice. We guests encountered wildlife; Impala, majestic giraffes, and rhino footprints were spotted-it was so cool! We rode for almost an hour, by then all my yansh don vibrate finish.

It only makes sense that after quad biking and my whole body vibrating like crazy, walking for over 5 hours, there was a Spa treatment to look forward too. By then I was too knackered to be taking pictures or filming but this is what the room looked like. As I was getting my massage, I felt my body relaxing.
Later on we retired to our rooms to rest a bit because "body no be firewood", and we had to gather again for dinner at a lovely restaurant where there was this guy performing. I don forget his name but he was GOOOOOOOOD! He did a remix of Oliver Twist and we almost went crazy! At some point Okiemute (MTN Project Fame Winner) did a duet with him, chai...they can sing oh!

I was busy enjoying myself I did't know a surprise was coming my way...It has to do with the cake below and if you've never seen me dancing now is the time to press play on the video below! I had an amazing night even though I was away from my family. Eeeeees it easy for celebs to turn up from Nigeria and Ghana for SisiYemmie's October 19th? Plies, it's not beans!


  1. Sounds like you had fun sisi. And the pics are really nice.
    The foodlooks yummy.
    The description of the sights make me wanna experience it too.

  2. Happy birthday Sisiyemmie! Looks like you had a blast in South Africa. Don't mind the instructor jor, he doesn't know that our people need proof of enjoyment. Rock on...!

  3. Awwww,,,happy birthday in arrears. My Birthday Present for you - #chopkiss!

  4. aww i have such beautiful memories of suncity playing back! glad you had fun. Happy Belated Birthday

  5. awww..too sweet!

  6. Really really really nice Sisi,And you look sooo good! Can imagine the fun plus all the food. Happy belated birthday BTW, God continue to bless ur endeavors.

  7. Awwwww that surprise was the sweetest. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#


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