Thank God we don't look like what we have been through! I had a sad experience this week but i've learnt to Give thanks to God for everything and "just keep swimming". I will share what it is later on but for now calm down! 

Notice how I'm matching with the sofa? This sofa brightens my day on gloomy days-it is important to surround yourself with beautiful happy things! How could I forget? BATTABOX came visiting and I had an amazing time with the much fun! I hope you enjoy the vlog! 

Ps. Still counting down to 30k SUBSCRIBERS! *WIggles bumbum*


  1. Awww, Sisi Yemmie you are such a goofball @ the dance. It's a compliment. I see where Tito gets his now. The Genevieve mag lady is so cheerful. I love her already. This S.A trip, don't you need a proxy to fill in?*pointing at me* lol. Enjoy dear. As for the downtimes, count it all joy. God's gat you. XO

  2. Sisi, I pray God envelopes you with His peace that surpasses every understanding. It is well with you.

  3. It is normal to experience the different phases of life.I watched a movie sometime ago,where the oyinbo was crying that things were going so smooth for her.We should only pray not to experience one that will break us.
    I love this week's content,like my sister will say,don't watch sisi yemmie's blog when you're hungry.Tito is growing like he's on a fast forward.I love the way you're bringing him up,giving him the butty and pako treatment.Enjoy the rest of this week Sisi.

  4. Sisi it is well oo. God is in control, so don't worry yourself cus he's watching over you. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#


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