Sometimes I like amebo, but technically this is not amebo, this is just Aso Rock drama between the First Lady Aisha Buhari and the President Muhammed Buhari. The shaaaaade!!! Are they fighting ni? I'm only asking kweshun because their interviews lately are showing signs of a crack on the wall. 

First of all, I'm surprised that Aisha Buhari can speak opinionatedly about her husband, and APC like that! At least call him inside house and tell him instead of telling the press. 

I'm also surprised that President Buhari responded in a manner that shows he didn't get the memo that this is 2016 and women have gone beyond being relegated to the kitchen, the living room and the "other room". Mr president, don't come and spoil us. Other room bi ti bawo??

Some of you know what I'm rambling about but others are probably scratching their head like, "SisiYemmie, I am not understanding". Ok. What happened was: 

In an interview with BBC Aisha said she may not support President Buhari if he decides to contest in 2019, especially if he doesn’t fix his cabinet because she does not kuku understand why people that they both don't know have presidential appointments. 

Is that a threat?

President Buhari clapped back in another interview with The Associated Press. In his words, “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.”


Smh. No difference between that comment and those okada riders that like to tell Nigerian women "I have your mate at home"

What do you think of this whole drama?


  1. The whole thing doesn't make sense. Why is Aisha talking on BBC about not supporting her husband? Why is Buhari all of a sudden talking about wife in kitchen (and other rooms) in Germany?

  2. Yeah!i agree. I still discussed it with my boss yesterday. We tried listening to her interview together but had to make do with the English translations as I no Kuku hear Hausa.
    Her interview showed cracks in the wall of their marriage. And she certainly wouldn't have said all she did publicly if all was well.

    Abi our presido don get second wife secretly ni, or he is planning to? And Aisha is furious? Or could she just be disappointed in how he is ruling this country?
    Anyway! Irrespective , that our president' s reply no be am at all.
    Is that how he thinks of all women? can you imagine? From a president?
    In 2017. Tis okay.
    Why did he bother appointing female ministers then? He for carry them go put for his kitchen. And to think he has female children. Smh.

  3. All dese memes of yours won't even let me be mad at either of them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. This is how ridiculous our dear country has turned out to be since this past year both in Nigeria and the int'l community. From the ' fantastically corrupt'' to so many other things. Now derogatory names for women? It is well..
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  5. The real issue isn't that Aisha shared a critical opinion of her husband or that her husband dismissed her in a manner quite typical of most men from his cultural background. It is that a First Lady of a country can come out to openly say that people in position should be put there if they are their people not if they are qualified. It belies that sense of entitlement that Nigeria is the birth right of a certain tribe or religious group or political party not a country where we are all represented. What is even more sad is the number of illiterate and gullible people who will hear that broadcast and feel cheated in some way that their people aren't the ones in position! Her comments don't show any acumen for her position as First Lady

    1. As for the 1st lady comment,it looks so selfish maybe thats why mr president will not listen to her, it hows that the 1st lady want Mr president to only appoint people that they know or that helped them during election without knowning if they are qualified or not. And as for Mr president he would have not make the sentiment that 1st lady belong to kitchen or the other room because it shows that all Nigeria woman are suppose to be in the kitchen or the other room

  6. all is obviously not well with Mr president and his lady but granting an interview saying what she said was extreme.

  7. I think that there's some atom of truth in what the first lady said, she might have not gone about it the right way but theres truth in it. Buhari's reply on the other hand goes to show the kind of person he is. Smh 4 our president, Thats not the way to talk to a woman, let alone your wife who happens to be the first lady #sisiyemmieblogaddict#


  9. Hahaha these funny memes tho! Don't come and spoil us! Other room bi to bawo? Hahahaha. In my opinion, I think its all for us to see her fit for the role of President, since her husband is old and Ill, she may run for presidential election, who knows


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