Hey loves, once again, the struggle has been real uploading this video. Better late than not at all. 

Nigeria celebrated 56 years of being Independent on the 1st of October and all I can think about is "when will we get constant electricity supply" and what the future holds for our kids, the leaders of tomorrow. Ehn? I think about this all the time. Do you?

Ps. we are almost at 30k SUBSCRIBERS!!! Whoop! 

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  1. Pls what is th title of the song you played at the end of the video at your friends baby dedicati on?

  2. Lol at there is recession in Nigeria now!
    About that eyeliner... yours is even wings which is better than mine which is something very far away from wings. The wings always remain in my brain. LOL
    That thumbnail of Tito is so cute!

  3. Sisi Yemmie, this is the first year i was not excited about celebrating Nigeria's independence. I am like the most patriotic person you can find in this country. But the current state of things is just causing frustration and anxiety. May God see us through till next year and make things better for our children.

    I neva know whether i go relocate to Ghana sef. We also need to be sensitive to those around us, as there is so much suffering, hunger in the land.

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  4. Titos is all shades of cute. Sisi me I didn't celebrate independence oo, I don't think there's anything to celebrate. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  5. Cute Tito! He stole the show on this one. Anyway he always does. Guess what, my 2 year old daughter taps on your channel saying "syemmie". Uh, look who's loving your vlogs too. Nigeria matter has worn two-piece bikini. We de look.


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