Here are 7 Money Mistakes You’re Making that’s Keeping you broke (food mistakes) . For more exciting content, SUBSCRIBE to SISIYEMMIETV

1. Not planning ahead: Not creating a grocery list or meal plan leads to impulse buying and wasted food. 2. Buying pre-packaged foods: These often have higher prices and contain additives, preservatives, and unhealthy ingredients. 
3. Not shopping around: Shopping at multiple stores for the best deals on groceries can save you money. 
4. Not using leftovers: Storing and using leftovers instead of throwing them away can reduce food waste and save money. 
5. Not buying in bulk: Buying items in bulk can save money, but only if you have the storage space and won't waste the food. 
6. Not growing your own produce: Planting a small vegetable garden or herbs can provide fresh produce at a lower cost. 
7. Eating out too often: Eating out frequently can be expensive and unhealthy, cooking meals at home is usually cheaper and healthier.

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