As a busy Nigerian mom of 3, I know how important "community" is when it comes to running the home, taking care of the kids and just living a balanced life. "Community can be in form of friends, relatives or hired help which is why building a better relationship with domestic staff is an important step in creating a positive and supportive environment for everyone, especially you, mom. Have you downloaded The Domestic Guide e-book? It shares on How To Manage your domestic staff / Househelp / nanny so that YOU can have a more productive life. Click HERE to Download

Some of the best ways to be a better boss to domestic staff are:

  • Treat them with respect and kindness. Try to create an atmosphere of trust and mutual support.
  • Make sure to listen to their requests, try to encourage open communication and be available to answer any questions they may have - ensure you have honest dialogue. Ask them questions about their job, their experience, and their thoughts on how to improve the workplace.
  • Give them clear instructions -if they can read, outline daily task , routines and schedules.
  • Please set reasonable expectations. There's only so much work one person can do per day, so that they are not overwhelmed.
  • Be understanding of any mistakes they make; the lifestyle they've experienced will be different from yours, which is why proper on-boarding is necessary once they are newly employed.
  • Show appreciation for their work, and offer praise for their efforts. Make sure they know they can rely on you and that you value their contributions. A little appreciation can go a long way in building a better relationship with domestic staff.
  • Make sure their working environment is safe and comfortable.
  • Make sure they are receiving fair wages for their services. If they are not, they may become disgruntled. Ask what they consider fair, and if you can afford it, then pay it. Also make their payments on time and consistently. 

Getting the best out of these relationships can be challenging but if we guide our behaviour then it can become a mutually beneficial relationship. Click HERE to Download the Domestic's Guide Ebook : This ebook is shares some best practices that have helped me so far and I hope it helps you too. This e-book contains:
✓ Maid Daily Planner/Routine
✓Food Time Table
✓Cleaning Schedule
✓120 Employment Questions

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