It's been a long time since I did a restaurant review because I couldn't be bothered to go out much; now going out requires double duty. I have to get myself ready, then get my Tito ready which includes bathing him, breastfeeding him (he rejects the bottle), fighting to comb his hair, packing his diaper bag and praying he isn't crying in his car seat while I'm driving, because if he is...we have to park noni and have some bobbie-time...oh yes! So it's long trying to go out. 


He's a growing baby, he's six months old now, I've started feeding him cereal and he doesn't need the boobie 24/7, movement is easier! 

So I decided to do that long drive to Lekki with my brother "Uncle Junior" (who has been super helpful with carrying Tito and entertaining him)... 

The decor was nice and I have to admit the waiter was friendly...I asked him to recommend something for me and he told me the truth " madam if it's this particular food you want it will take at least 45 minutes to prepare but if you cannot wait we have this this and that ready"...I like that, because, some restaurants you will order then they come back and say, "sorry no cowleg" or it will take forever and you'll begin to wonder if na now dem go pursue fowl catch for the Chicken wings you ordered. He managed my expectations well. 

I ordered for Banga rice (you know I love this food and I wanted us to have some variety so I could give an objective review. The Banga rice was OK, not mind blowing but it was alright. It was served with Dodo , I like my dodo firm but this was very soft and I got beef and boiled egg...beef was a bit tough so i took it home. 
What was delicious was what Uncle Junior picked...I was eating my food but longer throating for his food seriously, he allowed me have a taste sha, it was seafood Okra pepper soup with eba. The crab was yum yum yum. 

I also ordered for some jollof pasta and chicken...hmmm delicious all through! The chicken was fried and marinated in stew...very delicious. 
For all three meals we spent roughly 7,000 including drinks so I'd say pretty good. Its a nice place if you're from the 9ja delta and missing "home food"...things like Banga Soup, Owho Soup, Gbagbafofo, Gbagba Kpogiri, Banga rice, nkwobi, isi ewu, nsala soup, garden egg sauce, Pepper Soup with Yam, Edikang Ikong soup, Afang, palm-wine that kain thing.


Block 74 plot 18b Emma Abimbola Cole street ( same as Fola Osibo ), Lekki phase 1, lagos.


  1. looks YUM! will love to try Delta food.

  2. Nice review. I'll try that chicken marinated in stew. You didn't tell us about that drink, Sisi. Looks inviting...

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  3. Yummy ,I will visit there someday .

  4. Yemi, this thing you're doing to us is just not fair at all at all. By the way, Junior is now a big boy o *salivates*

  5. Yummy! Not a fan of Dodo but would love to taste the pasta.


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