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Hello my lovely people! How body? Here's Sisi Weekly number 22!!! In case you joined my blog for the first time, it's a video of little bits of my life in a week...some weeks are busy, others are just spent at home. If you want to see what I get up to please subscribe!

In this vlog I attended the MAMALETTE LIVE event and I was on the panel. I spoke about my pregnancy and delivery story, see the video HERE. I had a chance to interact with a lot of awesome women (and men).

In this vlog I my friend lost her mother in law and it gave me moments to think deeply about life and make sure I don't waste any minute of it. People say I've been quite active since I had my baby, it's because when I was pregnant I couldn't do a lot and in that time I appreciated not being pregnant, once I had the baby I rushed back to my blog and Youtube Channel. I ENJOY BLOGGING!

I also attended the Vane Nail Polish launch in Lekki at House of Tara. Enjoy and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE with your friends oh!


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  1. Your hair is so on point. Long hair sure fits you and bring out the Omoge in you.

  2. Hi Sisiyemmie,

    I've been following you for a long time since you were in the UK but i've never really commented.

    Can you please buy a crib/ bassinet/ cot for Tito - let him not be sleeping in the bed biko.

    There's also the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) - please get him his own cot.

    As always, love your videos.


    1. 1st time commenting here too :).
      I have a cot, but never used to more than thrice because my 1st always somehow finds a spot to wedge herself between the mattress and the bedpost (restless sleeper). I took to co-sleeping because my mattress is firm and they have ample rolling space.(3rd child now).
      Besides, Tito is a big boy now, way past the age to worry about SIDS.
      I think Sisi should worry about when he has to move to his own room/bed... Especially when Bobo comes home.

  3. I really love your vlog,
    it shows how real and down to earth you are
    tito is such a cutie
    you should try frisocream cereal for him
    I'm quite sure he's gonna love it.

  4. Hahaha Titobi moved because of money. Sisi, you are a case. Sorry about the loss of your friend's mother-in-law. Life is indeed too short so we should strive to make every second count. I enjoyed the vlog as usual. Have a blessed week!

    Precious Core Blog

  5. Nice video Sisi, that stuff on the dress you just use hot iron to press that part of the dress and it just goes off. You never peel of like that, it usually ruins the dress.

    1. Yellos! in removing the label, should it be ironed directly or on the reverse side ? Kindly clarify .

  6. Nice one Sisiyemmie. Next time don't try to peel the label use hot iron to remove it.

  7. Please what hair did you use for ur crochet braids, hope the hair is soft and doesn't tangle. I love that ur friend dat got the baby mat for Tito(i dunno y I like her)

  8. SisiYemmie you are beautiful!
    Love Tito's face at the selfie...

    And your comment on doing a lot now that you aren't preggie hit me!
    It's amazing how you still follow your dreams even with the baby and a husband/home...lesson for us women that we can learn to #balance things and not let one side suffer based on another.
    #more grace!

  9. I love your hair! It looks good on you. What hair did you use?

  10. I love your hair! It looks good on you. What hair did you use?

  11. Enjoyed this video.

    Well done sisi...


  12. Yemmie I love every bit of. The video. U r so real n natural.i Loe d bathroom partn unlike some pple that we can only c dem wen they av. Their full. Make up done.kip it up gf God wil kip blessing d. Work of ur hand.


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