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I have spent hours on Instagram looking up hashtags like #crochetbraids #crochetlove #crochet just to see all the beautiful hairstyles you can get using the crochet technique. I decided that this is meant to be my next hairstyle and from the look of things, my go-to hairstyle because it looks easy (some people actually do it themselves), if I tired I could do it myself but you know this babygirl ain't got time for that!

I did extensive research to find where to do Crochet in Lagos, some people were just looking at me like, "Kilon jebe? I found ONaturals in Ogudu do it, you can google them. They do natural hair and thats where I do mine mostly. I paid N6K for this and I brought my own extensions. I was gifted the extensions from a brand and the hair I used is Marley hair, from the GBraids collection. They have different collections, red, blue, purple, I stuck with black. The colour is Colour 2 and 14 Inches. 
I did not curl the hair and the only thing I have applied is coconut oil ONCE! It has flyaways but I try to trim them with my scissors or blade. I've had the hair for about 2 weeks now and it still looks nice, it must work the 6k before I comot am.

I'm enjoying this hair and cannot wait to try other crochet styles! If you want to know more then you can watch my video below :)


  1. Hello Sisiyemmie, i love love your hair. Do you know of any human hair for crochet?

  2. this is lovely
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  3. Welcome to the crotchet club!! Next step - you have to make your crotchet wig! No cheating or paying someone 6K to make the wig for u !!

    Yes, marley hair can be curled! I curled the strands on mine using hot water and perm rods. They can be curled using flexirods too.....

  4. I've done crochet braids severally and all by myself... I've even used expression attachment sef.. I no dey dash saloon money to do crochet braids :D

  5. Beautiful hair sisi. Lol @ it must work the 6k. As an akaglue, everything I pay for must work for its worth.

  6. Nice hair Bt like someone also asked, can d human hair type be gotten? Where?

  7. 6k fun kini! I just think ONaturals is overpriced. I tried it myself with the help of a local stylist to and it wasnt bad and I paid 1k or so. I just had to show her one of the YouTube videos that's all. I'm about to do another i got from Konga's Yakata and the stylist is charging N2500 which is not bad to save me from the stress of doing it myself. Crochet is fantastic and easy to rock. The pre installation braids allows air to enter ur head so ur hair doesn't smell like sewed in weaves and make it easy to clean. I'll cc u on my first install and the new one when I make it.

  8. Hello Sis Yemmie, please where can I buy this hair? I've tried to google it and it's not coming up somehow. Maybe I didn't quite get what to search for.
    I really love it looks and you are so beautiful with(out) it.

  9. hello sis yemmie,pls how many packs did you use?


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