I bet some of you didn't know today was Housewife Day? Imagine that! I almost didn't want to say anything about it but that's typical housewife behaviour...we don't like to take credit for anything *batts lashes* I was also very pre-occupied that I almost forgot. Housewives are busy running the home, thinking about everyone else's welfare before thinking about theirs. 

There was a time I really wanted to be a housewife and I'm so glad I am finally one-Part time! LOL. I get to regulate my schedule, stay home with my baby, work at my convenience (from home) and not bother about what I'm wearing to the office tomorrow. 

Some people look at women who stay home as "common housewife"....don't say that or thunder will fire you. Housewives are the chief-in-command of the home. Who makes sure the home runs smoothly? Who makes sure the kids get attention? Who reminds you that DSTV and other bills are yet to be paid? Who pays some of these bills? Your devoted Housewife. 

Today is not to knock anybody, not to put women who have to go to work early mo-mo 5.30 am down, but to take sometime apart to appreciate the silent warriors who are sometimes overlooked. You really don't have to do anything extra special today...just take 5 minutes to tell your Housewife, eye ball to eye ball "I appreciate what you do and I love you". Don't worry, this Thursday (1st Thursday of November) is Men Make Dinner Day (LOL...I didn't come up with this)...you can make it up to your wife then.

Everyone likes to be appreciated.

Here are my favourite quotes about "Housewives": 

By and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacation-less class. -- Anne Morrow Lindberg

There is, I suppose, no occupation in the world which has an influence on the efficiency and happiness of the members of nearly all other occupations so continuous and so permeating as that of the working housewife and mother - Eleanor F. Rathbone

To be a housewife is a difficult, a wrenching, sometimes an ungrateful job if it is looked on only as a job. Regarded as a profession, it is the noblest as it is the most ancient of the catalogue. Let none persuade us differently or the world is lost indeed - Phyllis McGinley


  1. God bless you Sisi. Being a stay -at- home- mum or House- wife isn't easy.
    Kudos to every woman.

  2. Hi Sis Yemmie, yes o i recently found myself as a housewife but you knw this housewife thingy doesnt stop, when i start work again i am going to be a housewife plus career woman! really cos whose going to cook, clean, take care of baby? na me o! and guess what no nanny no nothing. its time people start to appreciate all wives.

  3. Replies
    1. Please to asipire to be like her ooo

  4. Wow! Working from home kinda housewife sounds cool.

  5. Kudos to all housewives, God bless your efforts


  6. Sisi Yemmie, don't mislead other women. Check the dictionary meaning of housewife. A typical housewife doesn't earn outside of her home. Don't you make money from doing your thing? You have a paying career, you simply work from home.

  7. I think being a stay at home mum is the hardest job out there. Kudos to all the stay at home/housewives in the world.

  8. Thanks for reminding us. Happy Housewives Day!

  9. Happy housewife day to all the housewives in the house

  10. Well done! Eku house wife day o!

  11. sisi i like the ''thunder fire you part''.lol!
    Happy housewives day to all the strong women..


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