So I saw a video on Facebook yesterday so I shared it on my timeline...that was before it went viral. People have different opinions about what was going on in the video: in this clip a house help (we think she is) is fanning her madam in a salon, madam looks like she's pregnant and the girl was fanning away. Some say househelp didn't look like she was in pain or suffering. The video is for  a few seconds but the lady who recorded it says the girl fanned this woman for over 2 hours. 

Question to you:

Is this Child Abuse? aka modern day slavery ?


Is this woman just being attacked for no reason?

I witnessed this modern day slavery today at a  nail salon. This woman who arrived in a jeep came with this girl who...
Posted by Francesca Joseph-Esenwa on Thursday, November 19, 2015


  1. Honestly Sisi!!I think the fact that this girl fanned her for that long is not enough to say if she maltreats her like the woman said we don't know what she uses her for indoors but i think subjecting someone to standing up while you sit and be fanned for 2 hours is just wickedness.I'm sure she won't ask her child to stand for that long fanning her while she chews gum like she's eating straw.If the girl looked unkempt then that doesn't tell well on her stepping down from a jeep with a help that looks like that!The girl is not even taking the fanning that serious because if you see a girl whose madam maltreats her she will attend to her madams needs like her life depends on it.This one is looking at nail! #TheHeatRightNowInNigeriaCanFryBTW!!

    1. Oh please...the woman that is complaining and recording, ask her exactly who she sends on daily errands from her own home. Also, ask her if recording a child is not considered abuse as well. Tech is turning everyone into an overnight celebrity.

  2. Being attack for no reason!!!! I did this with happiness for my mum,some of her friends too. My rich aunts then,any occasion I hold their bags and shoes for them and I wasn't paid a penny. People are so pathetic these days,too judgemental. In offices you serve your boss well even go extra mile for your boss to be pleased so what is wrong with this one. Anyways I don't have nanny and will never have but we make ourselves lazy these days. I hate self pity, it's not a do or die thing, you can quit anyways but as for me fanning my madam isn't a problem.....I won't fan you forever once I get my money

  3. this is serious. it could be a punishment for her tho! but never the less, i don't think this is so cool.

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  5. Blessings....
    People must be mindful of those that serve them because they will give you shit to eat and piss to drink. Clearly an abuse of power, it shows her low self-esteem and self-image that she needs to degrade another to heighten her sense of importance.


  6. Big Madam! Asking her to fan for 10 minutes is reasonable but over 2 hours? Haba! That is taking the mickey but then, big madamism has always showed its face severally in our society...

  7. Obviously the girl is her house maid and the woman decide to show off at the salon by making her fan her.When you know you can't stand heat ,why can't you patronize a salon that runs generator.I bet she can't subject her younger sister to this kind of maltreatment.Probably the girl is her distant relative sef.

  8. There is always two sides to a story, saying she should fan her for two hours is not nice but it may not be two hours, the person might be exaggerating, I have had my sister fan my daughter for me while I did my hair, I have also had a help, fan my daughter too because my daughter was sooooooo young then and their generator was spoilt. i am not going to judge this lady, I don't know her side of the story

  9. We cannot judge her since we cannot confirm the authenticity of the story. It might or not be up to two hours.

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  10. Not as bad as that sisi


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