Hello beautiful people! How body? Overtime I upload this Sisi Weekly Vlog on Monday I clap for A lot goes on trying to get it ready and uploaded especially with 9ja internet. Quite stressful on some days. I will go and drink Zobo now that weekly vlog is uploaded. 

Also, I want to thank you ALL for your support, seriously! For watching the vlog and even telling your friends about it. It makes me happy because this has been my coping mechanism for getting a bit "slowed down"...but I LOVE IT! And I THANK YOU!

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God bless!


  1. Interesting as always... Good job!

  2. Interesting as always. Good job Sisiyemmie

  3. Chai sisi I love your vlogs. In fact, I even wish the length could increase o. Thanks for sharing a part of you with us

  4. SisiYemmie, you are bae anytime and anyday. fall in love with your persona evrery time i stalk your blog. God will bless you and your family yafunyafun. It's so nice to see how you all relate. And Uncle Junior is the bestest Uncle ever!. He deserves his own spinoff *inserts lol*
    Baby Tito is growing daily. May God keep him. I pray for the grace to maintain your originality and to keep beng you. Love you and have a blessed week.

  5. Ugh, why is Titobi so cute?!? I can't stand it lol

  6. Hi sisiye yemmie,
    I watched u complain of ur generator before, you should consider getting an inverter.

    Kilzes to you

  7. Sisi Yemmie is always on point and I love the cordial relationship btw Unc Junior and you.
    Keep being real.

  8. Hello Tito ,you have just prove to us that you are Sisi's real son,just imagine how you are munching Ikokore,I bet you will start swallowing before the years runs out.That's good though,Sisi will be relieved.That okro soup is inviting ,I've noticed that okro with orishirishi inside doesn't draw well.Mayb I'm wrong.Enjoy the rest of the week Sisi , Tito and the rest of the family.


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