I challenged myself recently-I wanted to get better at doing my own makeup. I want to contour, highlight and fix my lashes perfectly and I am determined to be better! Watch me as I grow. I had a Periscope session yesterday where I was basically talking about not waiting till you are perfect before starting something-some awesome things you see today started so small a long time ago.  I will continue to film my make up till one day una go dey hail me call me makeup artiste.

Is there any thing you're challenging yourself to do? Please let me know. 

Enough talk talk-this is the look I had in my last 5 Minute Updo Challenge With LAYEFA-Natural Hair Styles post. Feel free to check that one out, but not until you've seen how I achieved this look. 

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  1. Still trying to learn how to put on my strip lashes. My own lashes are very long and curly, so it's hard to put the strip on.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Awww Sisi your makeup is really good and your eyebrows are definitely on fleek. You should see my will just run. Lol! Greet Bobo and Chief for me o.

    Moma's Healthy Hair Journey

  3. Well I'm still trying to learn to do my own make-up. I'm slowly getting a hang on drawing the brows but everything else has been a struggle really. I've also decided to challenge myself to tie gele myself too. Planning on achieving all these while I'm on my ML

  4. Sisi Yemmie,ur make up is on point. I go like be like you. I have so many challenges oo, to carve my eye brows na war,make up, wahala and gele tying sef,na problem...It is well wt me

  5. Love your eye make-up. It's so much attractive. Your make-up ideas can be used for brides in weddings. Thanks for the inspiration.


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