We thank God for technology, it has definitely made life for a lot of people. I am so grateful for innovative ways for people to get by. We know there are social media channels-so many that some of us argue that it is too much to handle...but don't look at it that way. Choose the ones that will be most productive for you. Also stop looking at these social media channels as just entertainment channels-find creative ways you can use them to your benefit. Which brings me to this brand new social media channel.

 In case you don't know what Periscope is , let me ja you si. Periscope is an app you can download and it lets you stream LIVE from your phone, anywhere you are! You can be in your kitchen showing how to turn be, how to make Jollof Rice. You can show people how a restaurant you're visiting looks. LIVE.  No pause, no edit, LIVE! People all over the world can find your scope just by looking at the world map - and they can tune in! It's scary I know but think of all the awesome ways you can use it!

It is FREE!

The first time I did it I had viewers all over telling me to show them what Lagos looks like. WOW! I made friends with a mommy in America who was showing her baby's first steps. So how can YOU use Periscope? It's not limited to the following:

A lot of you my readers have businesses, small side hustles. You're probably on instagram showcasing your products. Do you know you can do that much better on periscope? Periscope is LIVE so you can get people from all over the WORLD viewing your products! How awesome is that? You can put up a post on instagram telling your followers that you'll showcase the items from your container e.g shoes, bags, jewellery on periscope and they can tune in. I've been thinking of how awesome this app is for estate agents-instead of physically showing prospects your property why don't you do it live and they can watch wherever they are ?

Are you a makeup artiste? A chef? or your business involves teaching people "how-tos"? Then you need to consider using periscope for some tutorials. Maybe you can trying showing how to do a smokey eye, people all over will tune in and you can get feedback immediately. I think it's great!

If you have a business and you want to relate more with your fans, customers, you should be on periscope. A quick 2 minute of behind the scenes will create more engagement with your audience. I once watched an artiste practicing with his band mates and i connected with the song, I even followed another user to choir practice!

I've searched periscopes around the world and followed some users to their church for evening service in America. LOL. The girl just placed her phone on a table and I could see and hear everything going on in her Church. I told you this Periscope is such a fantastic tool! If you are a pastor you don't need to wait to get a TV slot which is very expensive-spread the gospel through periscope and you will reach much more worldwide-no limits! If you are a teacher too-you can teach LIVE on periscope!

I've not seen any Nigerian channel doing this buts radio and TV stations can use Periscope to share Breaking News! Bloggers you need to plug in to this! If you have an event coming up, scope it! If you business is running any deal/promotion, scope it!

Nigerian's especially, please try and use Periscope. I know it has has it's disadvantages too but the advantages are more. Every time I log in I search if anyone is scoping in Africa and barely anyone is. Just maybe 1 or 2 people. We need to share Africa, Nigeria with the world! Scope that!

Are you on Periscope? You can login easily via your twitter account. I'm still Sisi _Yemmie on Periscope!


  1. Thank you for sharing...I heard about it,but I will try it out now. www.bride2mum.com

  2. Been hearing tons about it. I'll probably join, it sounds pretty coooool.
    Thanks for the great post

  3. Been hearing tons about it. I'll probably join, it sounds pretty coooool.
    Thanks for the great post

  4. Thanks for sharing...just hearing it for the first time tho

    Nma's Blog 

  5. Helloooo amazing Sisi, thanks for sharing, will certainly try it out

  6. I tried to download, and I was told that my device isn't compatible with the version available. So sad!

  7. I don't think this app is on BB. D only periscope app on BlackBerry is not free.

  8. Sisiyemmie, it sounds more like what snapchat does but I'll try it out. Thanks for sharing

  9. I've heard about it o. But was not so interested. Now I want to try it out! Thank you Sisiyemmie!

  10. Sisiyemmie, thanks for sharing, I will check it out.

  11. Thank you so much Yemisi for sharing. I had been on the fence regarding it. After I watched your first scope - then I was I exposed to the opportunities it came with.

    My Initial first challenge was that at the time of writing this, it is only available on iPhones and Android devices which leaves a lot of Nigerians out as a majority of Nigerians are on Blackberry devices.

    In my opinion, here are a few things I like about it.
    1. It is very easy to use. There is no learning curve
    2. It is a more intimate connection than youtube - as it is live. No time to edit what you said or how you look. People an feel like they can see your "behind the scenes" as you mentioned in your post.
    3. It provides immediate feedback. Have you had the feeling where you posted something on facebook or a blog post and waiting for people to either hit "like" or comment? You receive instant feedback by means of hearts, and comments.
    4. It is another opportunity to build a community with your fans.

    However (in my opinion) it is not perfect yet as here are a few things I do not like about it.
    1. The video is only in potrait mode.
    2. Comment control. If I were a celebrity like sisi yemmie with a lot of follower and they all want to have a say during a "scope" - it is difficult to control the comments as they will be flying so fast on the screen before I can get to view them.
    3. Private scope. I would like to have a private scope with just a selected audience and not just EVERYONE. Perhaps if my kids were having their birthday and I want to share the party with their grandparents outside the country or in another city within the country LIVE without showing the WHOLE world... I would like that.

    Having said that, it seems to be the "next new thing".

    I haven't presented any scope yet, however I am intending to do one once every two weeks to possibly discuss my blog posts or get some feedback from people.

    How do other people use Periscopes?

    Thanks again Sisi Yemmie for another amazing blog post!


    1. You can actually limit the broadcast among selected friends or followers if you dont want it to be broadcast live. As a story teller, I am enjoying and the love for it grows daily. Check out my broadcast @ayospecie

  12. Thank you for the education sister. Now I can say I have a 'more than little' idea about Periscope.

    Since I know myself and I am trying to move forward with my life, I won't be getting on periscope anytime soon.

    Lol. Still tryna have a healthy IG and twitter usage abeg.

    Love some of the reasons you mentioned, however I do know that the tendency to just loaf, goof, gossip and intrude for MOST people will overshadow the positives.

    I just feel sorry for those whose lives are about to get even more complicated/busy with the coming of periscope.

    Sisii biko when you find time, share your pregnancy and delivery story please. Ever since I born, I love reading them.

    God bless you and yours boo


  13. I need this, will definitely get it, it will save me hours of editing and procrastination. www.typearls.org


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