I received a couple of twitter messages from someone requesting to know all the places I love to eat in Lagos, he kept on sending the request and you know a busy mamma ain't got time to list all that because it would be A LOT of tweets! I decided to take my time, turn it to a post and have him or anyone else who is interested read it. Easier! Here are my favourite places to eat in Lagos (In no particular order):

I love that space especially their roof top space-so airy and so pretty! Definitely my favourite chalet space whenever i'm on the Island. Le Maison is a boutique hotel-the rooms are so cute! I have a review HERE. My FAVOURITE thing to eat there was their Mexican Burger-it was oh so tender and bursting with flavours-1 will fill you up! It's humongous! My next favourite thing to have there is their Asun Dodo-nice portion-very HOT! That's even my latest review HERE

I used to go to The Place at least once a week- I love that place. Why? For the most affordable delicious meals, you should go there! Ive also not been to a fast food outlet in Lagos with that much variety; shrimp sauce, jambalaya rice, asun...they do it all! My favourite thing to eat there is EVERYTHING! LOL. Love everything they offer-if you haven't tried The Place then you are sleeping on Okada. They have braces in Ikeja, VI and Lekki! They need more outlets.  See my review HERE

When Grills In and Out first came to Lagos I was the happiest person-I was there on the first day!!! I've been hearing good things about them from Abuja where they have a restaurant and I could not wait to experience it. My favourite thing to eat there is the Mongolian Menu-oh la la! It is too delicious. It's stir fried vegetables with any meat/fish of your choice. I used to send my husband all the way from the mainland to Lekki to buy it from me when I was pregnant. I had to HAVE it. Sometimes I have their plantain and fish...yum yum yum. The only problem is that it's too far...BUT it's one of my favourite places to eat. Review HERE

Everytime Bobo and I would drive around Oregun we would wonder what Kobis was all about. Their colours were bold, fun and inviting. One fine day we decided to try it out and were pleasantly surprised! It's my next favourite fast food spot! I Love EVERYTHING they serve! Do you know they have a Kara Burger? It's just basically Akara in Bread with some senrenren but it's nice. I would typically get white rice, their yummy stew, some beans and charcolte chicken. Always a hit! You should try their Paella rice. The price is great too! They do breakfast which I love but I only used to have it everytime I was going for ante natal classes. Kobis is an all-time favourite. I noticed the Kobis at the mall in Lekki is not as great as the one on the mainland-I'm not sure why. Check out the review HERE
I'm a big lover of a good buffet and The Brazzarie at Four points is my favourite place to do buffet. I've been there so many times that I cannot count and If I was very hungry and I feel like I can eat a whole Elephant then I would go to FourPoints. Every good buffet is great for variety and they do have a lot especially considering the price. It's about 6,000 per person-good value for your money. 
Not overtime Nigerian food, sometimes try Thai! I love Thai food and how I discovered Bangkok restaurant, I cannot remember. I've been there as often as I can afford and as often as I can go from the mainland to the Island. I love their food! They're the only place in Lagos that I would confidently eat their Thai meals (If you know somewhere else please let me know) I always order a platter when I go and a suggestion here: please go with friends and everyone should order something different then you can all SHARE!That way you taste a bit of everything and you don't spend so much. The portions are really good. 
If I want to just "Chill" but also keep my mouth busy I go to Rhapsody's. I discovered how great their "small chops" were when I was there for a end of year party. It has soon become one of my favourite places to go to! It's also a bar and lounge and I've been to the one at Ikeja City Mall and the one in V.I. Both have exceptional service, I would recommend you go there if you just want to hang out. Review HERE of course
It's a shame I don't have a review of Jevenik on my blog-I thought I did! I've been there so much that it deserves a long post! I'm sure I've done a review-just can't find it. Bobo and I love to go to Jevink especially the one on Isaac John Ikeja. The ambiance is really lovely and the meals an absolute delight. The interesting thing is whenever I go there I only order one thing: NATIVE SOUP and GOAT MEAT. I will probably cry if they don't have it. LOL Bobo usually goes for their Egusi soup. Another reason I love them is they serve Hungry Man size portions-I always leave there with a huge belly and only go when I have a huge appetite. 
I hope you enjoyed going through this and I'm really looking forward to your comments telling me your favourite places to eat in Lagos and what you eat when you go there! 

This is my bit for #ThrowbackThursday!


  1. Yummy, that plate of native soup had me salivating. Thank you this will be my go to guide when next I visit.

  2. Sisi you nailed it. I am stuck to your post: hope to see you one day,

  3. Nice one Sisiyemmie. Well done.

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing...salivating already.

  5. Jevinik restaurants for the win. This is a lovely and informative post. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Definitely bookmarking this post. I shall be visiting some of these places when next I enter lasgidi. I always thought Grills in and Out opened in lagos first. Never knew they were in abuja first. Yet I've still not visited. I keep meaning to but keep forgetting it. Loved your review on their Lagos branch and been hearing great things about them. Will definitely visit as soon as I drop :) I can testify to the goodness of The Place. Only ever been to their GRA Ikeja branch but amazing variety of food at great prices too.

  7. I was bored and jobless in the office yesterday and looking thru the internet then i stumbled on sisiyemmie blog for the first time and av been glued ever since..lol av practically seen almost all ur video just in one day..hehe..i hope dey dont send me home oh..

  8. Thanks for this review Sisi,I will try out Rhapsody's this weekend.

  9. I think you should definitely do one for places to avoid too

  10. Hmm yummy and lovely, wish I am a resident in Lagos, eww just a student no enough kudi for all these yummy areas. When I grow up will visit some day, Love your blog!

  11. Thank you... Seeing as The Place VI is a stone throw from my house, I might try it out Saturday.
    Or Jevinik.

    But I am all for healthy eating and I am sure these people PACK their meals with palmoil, choi.
    Anyways, may turn Saturday to a cheat day...

  12. This post actually just made me hungry!

  13. A list of some nice places I have eaten. 1) jevinik ranks up there. Their okro soup wt pounded yam humbles me everytime. 2) Georgiës chinese take out.unfortunately they left ikeja mall cos of high rent. 3) mega chicken Amuwo odofin. 4) the place 5) mama Cass at Ajose Adogun VI. Uncle D

  14. Jevinik and the place any day anytime!


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