I enjoy bringing you guys things that add value and this website is one of them. I will remind you that good nutrition is the bedrock of human wellbeing and tackling global nutrition problems is essential for achieving the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 

However addressing malnutrition is not an easy task and everyone needs to come together to achieve the overall goal. One way this can be addressed is by sharing accurate, timely information on online platforms to educate people across the continent.

This is where Horlicks comes in. Horlicks in collaboration with the Federation of Africa Nutrition Societies (FANUS), last year, launched a website designed to provide nutrition and health information to Nigerians and Africans at large. This website provides comprehensive information on various aspects of wellness and lifestyle.

I'm a mom and I like other mothers find the section on parenting to be really valuable. There is information on weight management and fitness, including a range of calculators to help plan nutritional requirements. Also check out the section on health and nutrition needs of children of all ages as well as for women and men. Some of the sections include: children’s nutrition, parenting, women’s health, pregnancy, men’s health, nutrition, fitness, relationship etc.

The site is also very interactive and user friendly-you can share articles with just a click this comes in handy when you find information that other people should know. Don't hoard. Share. Also the requirements for sign up are not too complex. There are some tools on the site you will love; I used the due date calculator  whilst I was pregnant-expecting mothers are always anxious! LOL. There are more tools, including Fertility Calculator, BMI calculator and more.

What is also great is that the information on the website accessible to non internet users through the introduction of a toll free voice portal which was created for people who don't have ready access to the internet. All they need to do is simply give the number a missed call and hang up, and an operator will call back immediately at NO COST to the caller. This is the number you need to call to access info about different sections of the website +919555120000 .  I think that's brilliant. 

You see why I agree that it is a one stop destination for your nutrition queries and MORE? Check it out! 

Ps. I found this post about Positive Thinking very useful-you guys know I'm all about positivity - being positive minded can transform your life!

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