My fellow bloggers, how are you all doing? There was a time I got an email asking how I deal with negative comments on my blog; I’m not sure if I responded to that email but today I am responding publicly so that everyone can see. 

Let me start from the beginning: story story….the first day I started blogging (then with the name GISTDOTCOM) …the first comment my blog was baptized with was a negative comment. It made me feel terrible and I cried like a baby to Bobo “they hate my blog!” …he was like “calm down, don’t take it personal”…how won’t I take it personal? Someone took their precious time to write something like “stop blogging, your blog is terrible”…how is that not personal?

Years later I have learnt. 

People can be mean on the internet especially when they hide under the umbrella of anonymous. Thankfully I have not had to deal with a lot of negative comments because my readers are so sweet and evil commenters never come here *sprinkles more anointing oil on computer*. Bad belle people will not near here, even if they open my blog, the words will suddenly become blurry or begin to walk off the screen…

So how do I deal with negative comments?

1. I acknowledge the comment. My comments are moderated so I have time to ponder on what the person wrote…I don’t want to be in haste to judge the comment so I give it a day or two to simmer in the moderation section.

2. By now I can tell if it is constructive criticism or just empty bad belle comment. If it is constructive I publish it and sometimes respond, if it isn't I delete because negative comments is not why we are here-Negative comments can be distracting to other "commenters", and people will focus more on the comments than the topic at hand. Mba nu.

3. I don’t take it personally…the commenter doesn't know me or my story and their comment cannot change the price of garri in the market. If they really have something important to say they wouldn't be anonymous and they can always send me an email with their real name and details. LOL

How do I deal with positive comments?

I acknowledge it too and let it swell my head. I get high on positive I always say, your (good) comments are like delicious grains of jollof rice to me...feed me!

At the end of the day remember that feedback is always good, positive or negative, you decide how you want to respond to it, but no need to tear shirt if you get negative comments, let it slide like water on a ducks back.

As a blogger how have you dealt with negative and positive comments?
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  2. Omo, I rarely get comments on my blog, so I get overly excited when I get one. As comments by new commentators are moderated, If I read a comment and it's just negative and not constructive, I just overlook it like terms and conditions - trash it like it's hot! I allow constructive criticisms & positive comments.

  3. I have been blogging for about a year now , not as huge as you are so i havent had to deal with any negative comment and I hope it stays that way.
    Speaking of Bobo when are we going to start seeing him again on the blog?

  4. Negative comments hurt but I have learnt to take the good with the bad.

  5. I'm new to blogging too. Thanks for the tips.

  6. I usually post most comments, including negative ones. I respond to 95% of comments, including the negative ones. I can answer the negative ones with sarcasm or choose not to dignify the commenter with a response. If it's constructive criticism, I answer positively.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Love how you reply to comments on your blog berry.

  7. Hmmmm, i remember crying my self to sleep when someone commented that my blog was full of bullshit and crap.. I was encouraged by my sweetheart who told me something, he said 'everybody will not love you at first, keep doing your best. You will find your true lovers overtime'.

    Honestly those negative comments are not really good for the soul of a blogger. When your done reading delete and move on... Just keep being you, overtime your sweet readers and commenters will find you.

    Love you SiSi

  8. so in luv wit dis blog... lol@ sprinkle anointing oil on my computer screen# u wnt kill me

  9. Because some of my posts are controversial, I get comments that are not necessarily negative but blatantly disagree by taking things out of context, but since I was a lawyer in my past life, I reply with logical reasoning. How will you come to my battle ground to kill me?
    As for the unrepentant negative comments, they disappeared after I disallowed anonymous comments for a long time. Now that I have reallowed them, I'm sure they'll be back.

    Atilola's World

  10. My blog is quite new so very few comments and they are positive. But under the guise of "anonymous " some people just post the most hateful and hurtful things ever, wish it could stop.

    Hi all,

    Please check out my blog,

    Thanks :)

  11. Bad comments or good comments, i'm just happy to get comments.

    Lady G

  12. God bless you sisi

    how else is it that when you were growing up, you go to your friend’s house and hear his mum shouting about the same exact things your mum shouts about, in the same exact way, and when you adjust your eye to watch the tv as if you never heard anything, his mum turns to you,“Don’t you advise your friend? Paul is a very lazy boy” She turns to your friend and says, “John! Look at your friend, how quiet he is. See your life!”.Next week, your friend is in your house and your mum is screaming,“Emeka! Look at John! Does he have two heads?…..”PLEASE, did they plan it? chronicles of naija mums

  13. well... our blog is a storyblog.. n d few tyms we had negative comments, usually in form of sarcasm, other blog visitors, shut such people up. so far so grt... we r really growing so fast.. pls pay us a visit Yemi

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  14. Loool! @ sprinkling more anointing oil on the computer - you are too funny!

    On a real though, I feel that hateful comments come from cyber bullies that are not confident in themselves and wish to drag others down with them.... I'd say just brush 'em off like shedded hair on your shoulders jere!

  15. My blog is pretty new! When I first started it, I had so many hateful comment to the extend my heart skips each time I see a comment. lol, thank God for wisdom, I was able to handle them the right way.

    God bless you Sisi Yemmie for this post.

    Please click on my name for Fashion/Fitness/Beauty tips

  16. I am just preparing to start my blog soon but I have been learning a lot from sisi yemmie's blog. Keep working dear. You have mentees! Thanks for replying my mail the last time.

  17. Being that i just started in January of this year, i have not that had many comments. I have had one that comment stood out. It was very constructive criticism and very helpful. I sent an email to the person thanking them, but i did not post the comment.

  18. Funny enough, I don't think I've ever gotten a negative blog comment.
    Some guy was leaving nasty comment ta on my Instagram recently though, I just blocked and reported as spam. No time!!

  19. Sisi you should publish all comments. As u said the negative ones wont change the price of garri so why delete it.

  20. I think I received just one and I ignored it,i even think I have an inkling of the person that sent it in.I don't get much comments yet though.Thanks for the tips sisiyemi.

  21. I don't really receive bad comments but when I do, I won't lie it pains me well well. But I just delete it and get over it. xx

  22. Been blogging for two months plus now and I'm enjoying it. I get a lot of comments but I have never had a negative comment, don't pray to. Some people are just kill joy.

  23. Not everybody will appreciate one's effort, there will surely be a negative and positive comment. But I have never get any negative comment on my blog though. Nice shot . you can also check it out miss yemmi . is all about tech and informative blog

  24. Hello my sisi i hardly get comments on my blog, so i dunno how to handle that, i will get back to you when i start getting comments on the blog, Thanks for this awesome posts, more sugar inside your garri.


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