So in yesterday's post I mentioned this awesome giveaway...if not that Bobo is not around I would have grabbed this offer, but wetin only me wan go do for there? LOL. So now YOU have the opportunity to win this courtesy Four Points Lagos!

Valentine is knocking on the door, incase you're one of those people that didn't plan because of elections, this giveaway can actually redeem you. What is on offer?

A weekend stay for TWO inclusive of breakfast and dinner! Oh la la!

What do you have to do to win? 
If you're on twitter:
1. Follow @fourpointslagos
2. Tweet this picture below with the hashtag #FPLagosValentines #SisiYemmie + a short line about what valentine is to you! 

If you're on instagram:
1. Follow @fourpointslagos
2. Upload this photo below (or the video I uploaded yesterday @sisi_yemmie) with the hashtag #FPLagosValentines #SisiYemmie + a short line about what valentine is to you! 

You can also leave a comment on this post + your email address + a short line about what valentine is to you! 

Seriously, it's too easy! You can enter on behalf of your friend, family, anyone, as long as the winner can come claim the prize! I really want someone to get this deal this Valentine....mwaaah!

Thank you Four Points Lagos


  1. Honestly...Valentine these days is all about consumerism..everyone trying to sell you something with a bit of red and hearts and a day meant only for only couples and selfies before it was about sharing love with friends, family and loved ones..not anymore.

  2. I love your blog sisiyemmie!!!!
    Valentine is the day we share love with h those who matters to us. Love is about giving and not neccesarily taking,if everyone could see love in that light,the world would be a better place.

    Just like what sisyemmie is doing now. She understands the value of giving and ultimately the value of love.

  3. Hello sisiyemmie your blog is the best.
    Valentine to me,is a moment of connection and love among two people who mean a lot to each other. Love brings us closer,valentine marks a day to remember the importance of love.

  4. Honestly, valentines is not only for couples, like a two wa thing, I think it's meant for all around us. show love and open up to love too. ..especially to and from those less privileged that hardly get love around. ...(

  5. as i dont have any Bae in my life at the moment not going to enter this giveaway but will help share it on my social media someone may have need for it.

    Valentine means alot to me cos am a very emotional person, i love being pampered and treated like a queen....To me, val is all abou sharing LOVE

  7. valentine is all about sharing and spending quality time with your loved

  8. I hope to win. valentine is a time to show love to people around us. A time to take that extra step in appreciating people. Not just to our loved ones but to everyone. I truly love celebrating the season of love.

  9. valentine is a special day set aside on the calender every february14,it is also a day to show love to the one after your heart especially.

  10. Valentine is about caring, sharing, loving and of course just taking out time to appreciate my boo all over again.

  11. They tried

  12. Valentine's day is a day I get to show all d luv ve got dt one person( extravagantly) nd remind him dt nbdy can eva luv nybdy d way I luv him...

  13. Valentine is spending a cozy day with ma hubby and hopefully creating the baby we have been trying so hard for. Amin

  14. Awww! Wish I could apply but don't live in Lagos. I need this in my life right now.

    1. sisi yemmie u hv ph bvs o. all dis giveaways u r sharing......

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      She stared at him like he were an unusually large bloodsucking insect hovering within her air space.She looked more like she was about to grab the table knife and stab him with it…….twice.

      Wot sorro embarazzmen iz dizz?”Hawt chick spat as she menacingly rose from her seat. And yes, those were her exact words ….or sounds.
      At that point, I and my friend exchanged curious glances.I think we telepathically asked ourselves in unison “Is that how she talks????
      ” You wanna propose me here?”(her exact words)
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  15. Valentine to me is about spending time with my husband and renewing our love #FPLagosValentines

  16. Valentine to me means sharing ,renewing and showing love to my husband #FPLagosValentine

  17. It's all about spending quality time with your significant other, and reminding them of just how much you love them.

  18., valentine to me means reaffirming the love you have for your significant other and to your family too.

  19., Valentine to me is a time when you and your wife take yourselves out to that lovely place remind yourselves of how much you love and cherish each other with lovely gifts exchange.


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