Back in 2012 I uploaded this recipe for yam pottage HERE and I did get requests to do a video for it. Since I am updating my blog with video recipes because nothing has changed with the recipe, I decided to add Asaro (Yam porridge) to the list. Clap for me! Oh something changed: I used Knorr then but for this I used Maggi :D

I eat yam once in a while, maybe once in 3 weeks, but Bobo loves it. I should make it more when he's around....hmmm #WifeGoals. However, anytime I make Yam pottage I use ripe plantain- it makes the sauce extra sweet (I hear some people add sugar). I also don't use palm oil, it basically almost follows the process of jollof rice. Very simple!

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Ata Rodo
Vegetable Oil

  • Blend tomatoes, pepper and onions. Transfer it to a pot and boil till it is almost dry and in form of a paste, then sieve excess water. 
  • Heat vegetable oil in a separate pot and onions add fry, then add the tomato mixture, reduce the cooker heat and allow to fry, stir it frequently. Add seasoning to it.
  • Chop yam into cubes and slice the plantain as well.
  • When the stew is cooked, add any stock (if you have) and add water, then add the yam and plantain.
  • Add the blended crayfish and any other ingredient you want, mix everything then cover the pot. 
  • Allow the yam and plantain to cook till it softens, then using a wooden spoon mash a bit of the yam. I like mine all mashed up like baby food. I don't want to see the yam. Some people don't like to mash it up at all, they like seeing huge chunks of yam.
  • Allow it to simmer for 5 more minutes and turn off the cooker....
How else do you prepare your yam pottage? 


  1. Sisi I Love all your videos oo. But I never comment x_x. Oya I will start commenting. So you didn't use palm oil at all?? I should try that. I don't usually mash mine sha. Meanwhile you like plenty onions oo, shuo!! Lol... keep it up jare...

  2. Me likey!!!

    Its exhausting when people ask you questions about your relationship. I get palpitations followed by anxiety then
    probably laugh or frown or do whatever pops into my head at the moment. Single ladies should NEVER be asked these questions EVER!!! even on your death bed, don't ( tongue in cheek) click HERE to find out.

  3. Looks Yummy. Will definitely try this out.

  4. Hey sisi, weldone.am a first time commenter lol. i noticed you didnt add any vegetable to it,i like mine with a bit of pumpkin leaf.

  5. I always look forward to your food posts...Kudos

  6. I prefer palmoil doe, wit a little bit of veggie, will try d vegetable oil sha... Nice one

  7. Me I dnt boil my tomatoes seperately o. I just boil it straight up, add palmoil(if i wish) then the yam and crayfish...and it comes out nice

  8. Well, I will try this style...thanks

  9. There are 2 ways... this is the special porridge way.

    The "i gotta porridge" is made like concoction... throw everything in d pot one time and BAM :)

  10. Hmmm.. I've never thought of jollof yam porridge,looks like something I'd like to eat:D.. You could also try using some sweet potatoes instead of plantains,it tastes heavenly

  11. Thank U so much, I prepared it today and it was very delicious. More Grease to ur Elbow

  12. Thank u so Much, I prepared it today and it was very deliicious.

  13. Hi, Thank you for this recipe. I am married to a Nigerian man and your videos and recipes have helped me learn how to make so many Nigerian dishes. I'm almost a Pro! Thanks so much and God Bless....


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