This review has been a long time coming- since October of 2014!!! Imagine that!!! How come? I first had a meal at the food lounge in October with Bobo but I wanted to get a second experience before doing a review which is what I’m doing today. I went again last week so my review is up to date.
The first time I went was with Bobo ( I miss him ) and I did have a good time then, and I went again with my friend Biodun- one of my fine friends who has been featured a few times on this blog HERE and HERE…shout out to Sista Biodun of the Lord. LOL.

To be honest I never knew Terrakulture had a food lounge but I did notice that there was always a delicious aroma in the air anytime I was within the compound. The ambience is very “artsy” …exactly how you’d expect it to look like. Lots of wooden , traditional furniture. 

Hospitality was great on both occasions, the second time was even better – but I think they were under staffed so sometimes we had to call more than once to get attended to but the lady that attended to us was always smilling which makes up for the delay.

Their meals are prepared while you wait (that’s what she said oh) so we had to wait at least 30 minutes for it to come. I think they’re halfway cooked then they just finish io up when a customer orders. Whatever the case, the food comes fresh.
The first time I had Ofada rice and it was so delicious…I’ve used the photo to tantalize and torture my followers on Instagram. It was yummy. I loved that it came presented in the leaves- gives it that proper native taste. 
We also ordered for the Grilled Catfish- Bobo is a fan of catfish and this one was properly grilled and spicy. The second time I went, Biodun ordered for the same catfish and it tasted good too, the only complaint she had was that it finished quickly…LOL. 
We had Fried Plantain aka Dodo- is there any other way to describe dodo? No…but YES! This dodo was fried golden and it was the exact texture I liked, not over ripe and soggy, and not under ripe and hard. Just perfect dodo…how do you like your dodo?

Bobo had their Jollof Rice which was garnished with some peas and sweetcorn, I did taste from it and it was nice (Cannot allow my husband eat without jumping on his food). He also ordered for Croaker Fish in stew and I loved that the most. I’m all for croaker fish-it was a nice quantity and very delicious. How did we finish all these???
When I went with Biodun I ordered for Carrot Cake- I was really hungry and couldn’t wait for the meal to arrive. I washed that one down with Malta Guinness. The carrot cake left overs are still in my freezer. It was a nice portion. 

I ordered for Grilled Fillet of fish, Gizzard, Chicken fillet, Beef fillet and Prawn served on a bed of spicy Vegetable Spaghetti…I really enjoyed this and the different flavours. I loved the prawn the most and made sure I did not share…LOL. The fish fillet was also nice done-infact there was nothing to complain about this meal. 
At first when we were ordering Biodun was forming “ I want to eat light- which is why she ordered just the grilled catfish…I was now feeling like the grubbido that wanted to consume carrot cake, and the spaghetthi mendemende…but by the time we finished eating my babe ordered for fried potatoes with came with some ata din din. I shook hand inside too sha (covers face). Loved it…crispy on the outside and so moist on the inside. Hot potato!

For drinks we had Chapman, Malta Guinness, and water... Daaazalll.
Their meals were between the range of 2000 and 3000- nothing I ordered cost up to 3000 so I would say that is a fair price.
Have you ever been to TerraKulture? What was your experience like?
Plot 1376, Tiamiyu Savage, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos


  1. I would love to try this place out but I'm on a diet and I only do restaurant stuff when I wanna go ham! Nice review. Food looks great.

  2. wow all that food for three k? datz good

  3. Nice concept - serving food in leaves. Food presentation in Naija has really evolved. That chapman though - how much was it? I get a thrill in knowing the price of Chapman as I now serve it 'on tap' at home......

  4. Choi...wish i was in Lagos! Would have visited! BTW, i love your down to earth personality Sisi Yemmie! I discovered your blog just last week and its feels like i have been visiting your blog for years .i love the content! So original! Keep it up!

  5. nice review we miss seeing him on the blog too.

  6. ok.... them try

    how else is it that when you were growing up, you go to your friend’s house and hear his mum shouting about the same exact things your mum shouts about, in the same exact way, and when you adjust your eye to watch the tv as if you never heard anything, his mum turns to you,“Don’t you advise your friend? Paul is a very lazy boy” She turns to your friend and says, “John! Look at your friend, how quiet he is. See your life!”.Next week, your friend is in your house and your mum is screaming,“Emeka! Look at John! Does he have two heads?…..”PLEASE, did they plan it? read more here chronicles of naija mums

  7. I've been meaning to go to terrakulture! Maybe I should finally stop meaning to and actually go!
    I like that its affordable


  8. You can chop o. Nice review. The place seems lovely

  9. Finally!!!!! Lolz. Never knew terrakulture had a restaurant cos I that its an event center. Nice analysis as usual.

  10. Wish I was in Lagos *sigh* Sisi all this restaurants you are visiting, diaris God oh!

    Hi all,

    Please check out my blog, Wordsbykoko.blogspot.com

    Thanks :)

  11. I ate there a couple of times before I met Cakes... I remember enjoying it, but it's been a while.

    P.S. How on earth did you guys finish all that food?!?!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  12. Wowza...these meals are eyepopping o auntie sisi Yemmie... Can't wait ti try them out..

  13. I've used your reviews to compile a list of restaurants I'll visit when I'm in Nigeria. Of course, I haff to consider my budget as well. The elders say "All fingers are not equal." But, every time Sisi Yemmie post food reviews, it makes me hate the lackluster meals I am subjected to at school. But why?

  14. The food looks delicious. Looks like one of the "must try" hotels in Nigeria. Will definitely try them out. Bingo!


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