Why have I never eaten anything at Rhapsody’s? I go by this place at least once a week, especially the one in Ikeja…maybe because when I’m passing it’s mostly people smoking and drinking I see hanging about so I didn’t think they had anything else to offer UNTIL…I attended an event in December that took me there and what I had was my my my good! I was licking my fingers… 

So once again I was at Ikeja mall, waiting for the movie Annie to start and I had at least an hour and half to burn, so I said…hmmm…why not?

I was there with my sister who has never eaten at Rhapsody’s either but she's passed by a couple of times. Are we the only ones that have waka pass this place without entering? Here’s a picture of her hand, you’ve seen her face too many times.

Rhapsody’s is a restaurant and bar, so you should know what to expect from the scenery but in the afternoons it can be quite calm. At night...it's a very busy busy scene. I love the ambiance and I found a nice secluded spot to eat, so it was cosy. They have free wi-fi, which times out after a bit…having that option counts sha. 

Customer service was great except for when one of the waiters asked me yeye question. Ok let me gist you, he brought the bill and I gave him my card…the card with plenty money inside. Naim he shook am inside the machine and the thing didn’t go through…next thing he said was “ it’s like you don’t have money in your account”…LOL. I didn’t find that statement funny and I gave him a piece of my not so pleasant mind. There are other ways of saying a card is declined. The guy tried the card again and it went through…I was just shaking my head. That was what irritated me but by then I’ve already chopped good food. 


We had prawn suya accompanied with an onion and tomato salsa…I think I was super excited about it because Rhapsody’s is the first place I’ve had prawn suya – which according to my taste buds is grilled prawn marinated in suya spices, it was very succulent and spicy. Loved it! 4 medium sized prawns per tray. 

Next we got homemade vegetable chicken spring rolls served with sweet chilli and sesame soya sauce, it was good as well. If they messed that up I would never forgive them. It was fresh and delicious. 4 per tray as well…good for sharing: D 

We also ordered Rhapsody’s chicken wings which is a bestseller – succulent chicken wings marinated in BBQ basting, spicy sauce accompanied with a garlic mayonnaise and spicy BBQ sauce…yum yum yum…this was the part I licked my fingers because the chicken sauce/stew must not waste. It was spicy and full of flavour. 

For drinks I stuck with my regular Chapman which was made up of basically seven up, Fanta orange, lime wedges, bitters and grenadines, even though there were other interesting drinks on the menu…my sister tried I think the Virgin Daiquiri made up of strawberry pulp, grenadine and lime juice. 
I do think it was reasonably priced…each drink cost N1000 , Prawn suya was 3800, spring rolls was N2500 and the chicken wings was N2500. Our bill came to a total of about N10,000… not bad abi? What I loved was that I found a place when I could just have nicely presented, good tasting small chops. If you know about other places great with small chops let me know. Not evertime a huge meal...

Have you been to Rhapsody's? What was your experience like?
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  1. I can never get used to all these places in Lagos..ah ahn all that money for this, but it looks nice though

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnn. SisiYemmie the enjoyment officer. Na only waka pass i dey do too oooo. But would try it done. The damage was not too much.

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnn. SisiYemmie the enjoyment officer. Na only waka pass i dey do too oooo. But would try it done. The damage was not too much.

  4. Sisiyemmie you sure know how to murder food.... Please take me along next time....

  5. Hv been dere o, I had steakmeat, quite expensive doe, and den milkshake, dis ur prawn isn't bad too, but am allergic to lobuster, sucks

  6. Hi i went there when i came on holiday in July, their food was not that great..the seafood paella looked nothing like a paella more like fried rice and the pina colada was not nice at all. The only thing I enjoyed were the prawns. Also a few of their cocktails could not be made because they did not have some of the ingredients in stock!! why advertise on the menu then!!

  7. I have also been there once.. But I had asun n spicy gizzard... It was definitely finger licking... I can definitely relate

  8. Ve been to the in in ikeja and had their chicken wings and Chapman everything came to 5k and it was really good...atmosphere was good but their security ppl can harass...you can bring bag inside(shoprite bag) you can't sit down for 5 mins to chill b4 u order like dey need to chill bu d food made sense

  9. Na wa o. 10k.. the food looks great sha.

  10. Your restaurant review posts always leave me so hungry. Wow, the food looks great. I've passed by the place too many times. I had no idea it had a restaurant, thought it was only a bar. xx

  11. Monday chit chat nko? We are waiting o

  12. Hv refresh taya o, where is monday chit chat

  13. Ah ah, where is the Monday chat? Hope all is well!! I'm just sitting here waiting patiently.

  14. Pls monday chit chat nko,I am already used to that. This is my 1st time of ever commenting on a blog,though I have a lot of meaningful blogs that I follow. Always the ghost reader.

  15. Next time you go, try he spaghetti gamborini. Thank me later. Oh and their pizza is ah-mazing.


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