My wedding planning series have begun and it was necessary because of all the emails I've been getting. Sisi how do you plan a wedding in such a short time, what is the process of a Nigerian wedding...e.t.c I'm here to explain the wey I sabi de're free to support my post with your comments on how to plan. You can read the post or skip to watch the video. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel  :D

Before we go on, just know that if you're paying for the wedding you already have upper hand, if not, you gonnnna submit to the will of parents, sometimes you will argue, fight...compromise is key

Pick a date: First thing you need to do is pick a date and that's not just up to you and your bae. You have to inform both parents and even if you all choose a date, you have to confirm that the church you will use is available. I always wanted to do my wedding in the RCCG parish that I've been attending, imagine my heartbreak when they told me *sobs* that no available dates in the time frame we chose. It really pained me I won't lie. We had to start looking for a Church that didn't even know us and start attending. I'm glad the other parish opened their arms to us. 

Choose a location; this decision is usually made when you're choosing dates. You can't be choosing date and not have a location. Even if you're paying for the wedding, if the girls parents say they are carrying the wedding to the village, my dear, na there you dey go. Location is dependent on the bride's family in my opinion. My wedding should have been in Warri but by the time we calculated logistics and vendors, we just calmly did it in Lagos. 

Start counselling! Because we were doing a sharp-sharp wedding (within 3-4 months) we had to start counselling and the Church we used said it's usually a 6 month period but after much discussion and understanding of the situation (My Big Nigerian Wedding) they helped us do it in 3 months and that one we had to report almost every day in Church...together! I hear most RCCG parishes must counsel the couple together (to make sure they are both hearing the same thing)-that's when Bobo had to relocate to Lagos. I loved the counselling sessions though...

Wedding dress? Another thing you need to do at this stage is ask your Church for the requirements for the wedding dress (most Churches won't allow any show-me your back or sleeveless or cleavage popping wedding dress), so before you waste money, ask your Church.

Settle on a budget. If you're the one paying for the wedding, then the part should be easy-you only need to cut your coat according to your pocket. If parents are paying...hmmmmm. E nor go easy. They might want Sunny Ade to come and play and you want Davido, na who dey sign the cheque go make the decision. Be prepared to compromise a lot and up your manipulative skills if you want a lot of things your way. Most parents want you to be happy at the end of the day so they'll bend to meet your needs. Hopefully.

Book your venue: The venues are taken quickly, some are booked a year ahead! It's crazy. Once you settle on a venue then a huge burden has been taken off your shoulder. I remember looking for a hall for the traditional wedding...ko easy. I finally found one I liked- it was new (less than 6 months) and so everything inside was still tear rubber. It was nicely built too. 

Do you need a wedding planner? Our parents have been planning weddings since 19-gbogboro but if you're really busy and no time to go and be looking for vendors or doing wedding hustle, then you should get a planner - someone that can do all the errands. I have to give a shout-out to Bobo. He was the number 1 planner...he went through all the venues, he saw all the vendors, he was totally the master organiser. If you don't need a planner then start getting your vendors yourself.

Choose a wedding theme: This is the time to choose your wedding colours and theme. I'll advice you to go with what you love not what your friend thinks is cool. It's not your friends wedding. Do not get too many people involved at this stage, I remember when I did and got so many conflicting opinions. Also, start deciding on asoebi (not compulsory but totally the Nigerian thing to do). Choose your bridal party (the more people you use, the more stressful it is), let them decide what they can afford to wear (it's easier that way).

Engagement shoot: This is now a very important part of the senrenren of Nigerian weddings but it is not compulsory. It's expensive to have photoshoots done, most photographers have the engagement shoot as part of the whole wedding package so ask your photographer. This is also a great time to get familiar with him/her and he gets your best angles before the wedding. 

Send out invites! We spend so much on this when it is absolutely not necessary. The only people that need wedding invites are friends of parents. You can send Facebook/bbm invites to your friends. For our wedding we had to make invites since the wedding was "invite only" and you need a card to get it. If not, na forwarded bbm message we for send to everybody.

Pray! Invites have gone out? Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus! LOL. Now that the whole world knows you're getting married you need to pray for safety of your guest, a wonderful wedding ceremony and a fulfilling marriage above all else. Most marriages kpafuka during the planning process, so be observant and prayerful.

What did I miss?

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  1. I was so happy when BN put your vlog on their page!!! We are getting there,more grace!!! but this announcement now, we are waiting ooooo...also nice tips, will remember to watch again when God has provided the Mister for now its medical school..

    1. straight to d point. planning can be really stressful. grt tips. cnt wait to utilise em.

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  2. sisi yemi, u mk brain. Love the simplicity of your msg. Btw, are you adding weight???? (Not in the negative sense o. I absolutely love it and erm.....ok,,ltr)

    1. Loo! Too cute! I thought so too... Not in the negative sense too o ;)

  3. Great msg! Am sure a lot of ur fans would learn from it. Keep up d good work. Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. what about the caterers? those people need a knock a times methinks.

  5. Sisi, thanks for d heads up....

  6. You really need to chop humble-pie, if your parents are, Naija wedding..


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