I’m so sorry I was AWOL yesterday…make una nor vex. I was having one of those days ni…but today I’m back and I want to address a question the best way I know how…

So you and this bros “have been going out” for years now and everyone is beginning to ask the questions: "ahn ahn when will you people marry na? I want to come and eat rice oh" (as if their eating of rice depends on your wedding) or you’ve been wondering yourself after all these pictures of hands with rings have been popping up on your friends dps! …and you’re tired. 

my own hand I used to tension everyone when Bobo proposed
So why has your guy not proposed?

1. He’s not financially ready – owo ni koko (money is important) he just might be saving up some money to first of all buy you an instagram-worthy ring/plan the proposal …and you know with the proposal comes the wedding and he’s really looking at his bank account. Most guys would like to be financially settled at least- have a house, maybe a car…you know. So try and guage where your guy is financially. 

2. What are his friends doing? If none of your bobo’s friends are married then errrrrm…he might not be wanting to be the first to do it. If he has mostly married friends they would even encourage him to see the need to get married so he would easily figure…"ah…let me do what my mates are doing, i'm not getting any younger"

3. Fear don bellup am: you think it’s easy to propose to a woman even though you know say she go gree? There might also be the fear of getting married…like this is going to be the only woman forever and ever and ever-the woman he would grow old and grey with…even for women the thought is scary. Making the decision to get married is a BIG DEAL! So maybe your guy is just scared and needs to man up.

4. He has unfinished projects- if he still has unfinished business then he might not be considering proposing, that does not mean he will not eventually oh, it’s just that on his top ten list you’re probably number 3 –if you can figure out what number 1 and 2 are then you know how long you gonna wait. I believe this is where Bobo was; he was still studying…someone that is thinking of how to pass his exams is who I was expecting to propose and marry kiakia…Thank you Jesus that we won that MBNW if not…

5. He does not want to marry....you- some of these guys are just oloshi's and will string a girl along forever and ever till she's tatyfife (35) and figures that she needs to move on. Their case is the classic "eat it you say no, throw it away you say there's still meat on it"...may God not let us meet these kind of men. If you feel your guy does not fall into any of the categories above you better start having a discussion and praying to your father in heaven to open your eyes...

What other reason's will make a guy not propose ? Let me know in the comments section!

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  1. Sisyemmie, I concur with reason No. 1, if he truly loves you and all other things are set and no finance, it can really be a set back. Money is very importankpa!!!

    1. it takes a lot of courage o. bcos u hv to be sure, really sure dt u r ready n willing to do forever with d lady. forbus ladies its easier bcos we r relationship oriented and we wld jst scream yessss n probably shed a tear or two. lol

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  2. Sisi, I think family pressure too....You know, his family might be against him marrying you and he might not know how to convey the message to you **especially if you have been together for too long**. Thats how he will now start planning wedding with another girl...phiam!!! na IV you go see.

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  3. Nice post,I'm loving this! But pls where is monday chit-chat...biko?

  4. When he feels your not yet matured enough to handle marriage.. Some ladies are advanced in age but in their minds still teenagers. A man needs to see that maturity in you before he will pop the question, abi!!

    Nice one Sisi, waiting for Monday Chit-chat oh.

  5. May I never meet No.5 kind of Man!!!!!

  6. Nice one!!! Abeg advice us chicks what we can do to speed up the cause apart from fasting and prayers. Question though??? How much of a role does looks play in this game called romance???? Though I am sure I already know the answer to my own question....

  7. #5 is the basic reason. Else, he should put any form of ring first. If a Nigerian girl of marriageable age is dating a guy for 6 months, there's almost certainty she'll say yes to his proposal. So to me, #5 is the koko. Propose first. E no cost to propose. You can then plan weddingbased on yyr other unfinished projects,  when your friends are marrying, finances, etc. Just propose already! !!

  8. Lmaooo. I love your sense of humour dear .. this is TRUTH and nothing but the truth!

  9. I agree with all you've said especially no 1 and 2. May God help us ladies.

  10. Well said Ifeoma... One time!

  11. HE JUST DOESN'T KNOW: he might love you so much it hurts but then he still might not know if you're the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. he just might not know if you love him enough

  12. Number 5 is hilariouuuuusssss. I was laughing so loud when I read it. Some of these men sha. Lool.


  13. LOOL Sisi! Number 5 is it oh. Marriage is a very serious thing, but many times I think it could just be about the person you're with.

  14. May we not encounter that numero 5 sha o

  15. May i never jam Mr No.5

  16. Ewwo Chi'm o... None of them applies. I've already started praying for God to open my eyes oo


  17. Hehehe...Lol @ "oloshis" no other way to put it..

  18. I agree with all you've said. To propose to a woman aint easy o, before you now talk of wedding plans, buying a house, then children will land, school fees and all that. It is well with we younger ladies. Amen!

  19. MY Sisi I don start vexing say u no post Yester. Buh as you don explain ya self, Ayaf forgiven you.

    That No.3 is so on point oooo, the fear KWA!!! We men dey try oooo

  20. Lolz. Can't stop laffing

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  21. Number 5 is spirit of backwardness o..Abeg may such men not see us...Even babes are guilty of this..I know a chic that her bf wanted them to get married and she listed most of what you just wrote excluding number 5 as her reasons. Naso the relationship pack o..So ladies be sure if marriage with bobo is what you want before you enter

  22. The last point ehn, guys like that need to be delivered. It's quite unfair to put a ring on it without intention of marrying her.


  23. This proposal thing is a serious matter o. Ur last point is even the key thing xef. Most guys would tell u u re d only one they choose n still have other baes. Its just up to d chic to know wassup n dust her shoes


  24. Interesting and useful information... But unfortunately I know many people can't handle any marriage. I read about it on https://kovla.com/blog/5-reasons-people-can-t-handle-marriage/ and it's so sad... Maybe if they read this post they would change their view attitude to marriage! Good luck.


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