Hello my techies! Did you miss the unboxing of this phone? You can peep HERE. I have to admit, this is my most complimented Tecno phone...it is really stylish because of its smooooove design. If I said the Phantom Z was sleek, then this one is sleeeeeeker! I think that’s one of the selling points of this phone -6.6mm ultra-thin body.

You’d expect it to be tiny as a “mini”…however it is anything but that. It is almost the same size as its predecessor but much more slimmer and so light weight in comparison. It has a 5.5″ Super amoled screen and the back is made of glass…the phone is just so glossy and sleek to look at. I have refused to use the phone case because I want to keep seeing this pretty phone. I would LOVE this phone in that purple colour up there but I got it in black. 
It has a dual sim, one micro sim and one normal sim…which is great…and volume buttons are on the left side of the phone while the power button is on the right side, the sim tray is also on the right. It still has the same method as an iphone where I’d have to use a pin usually the thin end of my earring to open the sim tray. It doesn't have a removable battery. 

It's got F.M radio; you can listen and save your favorite radio stations, I've tried connecting via Bluetooth to external speakers but it doesn't seem to work. Hmmm… I can still record favorite radio shows and set an FM Alarm. 

The sound is powered by a Dolby Digital Sound System, nothing exceptionally spectacular, at least it does the job. I can listen to sounds without problems. No complaints here. 

Now lets get to the camera; it has a very very good 13MP HDR Camera with Dual Flash which is great for pictures. I never expected that it would have a flash light in front, but it does which makes it perfect for selfies in dark places! Here are photos I took with the camera. 
My super cute niece
As for battery life, the Tecno phantom Z mini comes with a 2420mAh battery. Nothing to complain about here because I’ve been using mine and have only needed to charge it once a day.

For connectivity, the Tecno Phantom Z mini has wifi, bluethooth, WiFi Hotspot, USB OTG, GPS and AGPS connectivity features. It supports GPRS, EDGE and 3.G

The super AMOLED display really is my favourite thing about this phone. Like the Tecno Phantom Z, watching videos and playing games is still a lovely experience…it is crisp and clear- you can’t miss anything-resolution of 720*1280. This has been my go-to phone for watching YouTube videos.

The Tecno Z mini runs on an Android Kit-Kat, 4.4. OS and 1.3GHz octa-core processor. It is very fast and responsive,

The phone comes with an internal memory of 16GB ROM even though all of that is not available to you. If you need more storage then this might pose a problem especially as this ; phone doesn’t a memory card slot. Let’s see how I intend to manage that.

The price range of the Tecno Phantom Z mini is rumoured to be between N26,000 - N30,000. It's better value for money if you could not afford to spend so much on it's oga at the top -Tecno Phantom Z. 

Am I pleased with the Tecno Phantom Z mini? Oh yes! Would I recommend it? Definitely.

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  1. Sounds like a steal!



    1. wow!!! sisi yemmie,well down and nice article and i really like your blog, its kinda of really different.its my first time here and i hope to stay clued in for years to come
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  2. Wow, hv been hearin a lot abt techno, will definately get it in due time, wen I save up... Nice

    1. the guyrs at tecno r badass. dey r making off da hook fones. if i follow dem, all my money wld go into buying fones.

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  3. Nice phone though, even that N26000 sef na money, make dem do beta fones too dat will go as low as maybe N8000 sha, i fit afford dat

  4. So who's gonna get me that as a bday present?

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  5. So who's gonna get me that as a bday present?

    Nothing is permanent in this wicked world. Not even our troubles. Enough said. Y"all really need to read this. http://goo.gl/5tuLhu

  6. So who's gonna get me this as a bday gift. Buh I prefer infinix zero sha

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  7. Sounds like a great phone. Like techno

  8. I bought it because of your review.

    It's the perfect steal!

  9. I got this device last week @ 38grand. Though it seems expensive but it is not. People wey don see am dey hype am say na iPhone i go buy say e make sense gan. The spec is waoh!...I value am gan. Go buy your own ooo bros. Sisi Yemmie wa gbayi, thumbs up


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