Increasingly, we have more options when it comes to our work life and working from the comfort of your home has become far more common than it used to be. Admittedly, most times, what you imagine that to look like is clinging to your laptop in bed, in comfy pyjamas, cuddling a hot mug of coffee and ultimately, living your best life. In reality, of course, working from home can be a lot different from what we originally imagined - especially in Nigeria.

Between the noise of generators, internet issues and having a one year old (for instance), working from home can be significantly challenging, contrary to what your 9-to-5 friends think.

So, here are a few tips on how to navigate the tricky world of working from the comfort of your home and be super effective at it (while even still in your PJs).

Keep it tidy

Depending on your personality, it might be difficult for you to function in a home that isn't clean, tidy or well-arranged. If that's you, it's key to keep everything nice and neat, so you can have an enabling environment to get work done.

Organisation is everything
Believe me, it's no longer good enough for you to not be a 'to-do list kind of person'. Writing down your goals for the day - no matter how little or significant - will make a world of difference. You're more likely to keep track of and achieve them that way!

Create a work space

This can't be over-emphasised. It's key for you to have a space within your home that strictly is or doubles as a work zone. This could be a desk area, for instance, where you know it's time for business as soon as you settle in.

Look the part
That's right; even if you're in the comfort of your home, making the tiny effort to change out of your nightwear, brush your teeth and comb your hair could give your mind the psychological kick it needs to get into work mode for the day.

Maintain regular work hours

Much as you might not be in a physical working space, do your best to maintain a 'work state of mind'. It's (so) easy to get caught up in domestic affairs (cooking, feeding the pets, cleaning) when you should be making use of the most productive hours of the day. That being said...

Find what works for you
It's also important to find what's best suited to your personality and lifestyle. If you find that you work better when everyone's asleep and perhaps even get more done, great. If traditional work hours (8am - 5pm) are more your thing (as that's when everyone else is working anyway), fine. Take advantage of the luxury and find your groove!

Don't forget to enjoy it!
That might seem like a weird thing to say (because work is work) but take advantage of being in your own environment (or an environment of your choice). Listen to your favourite tunes while you work, enjoy home-cooked meals, work from a cute little cafe once in a while, bask in the joy of not having to sit in traffic... you know, the full works.

Happy working!


  1. It's so true. The line between work and life is so easily blurred when working from home! I think I probably should make more effort with my physical appearance when at work in my apartment.


  2. I definitely need a work space... great tips

  3. Nice sisi, this is a great guide for new mom like me , starting a blog .

  4. Thanks for this Sisi Yemmie. Working from home can be hard sometimes especially when (sometimes) family members don't get it. So errands here and there or sometimes, a few words at you that mean 'go and find an actual job' even when they know you're making a decent amount of money sigh. I guess that's one of the cons amidst the many pros of working from home. Thanks for the great tips though, to do lists can definitely not be over-emphasized!!

  5. These are great tips sisi. The struggle is real. The poor electricity makes it more challenging. i have missed your writing. Hope to see more

  6. I love this, especially the first tip. I can't work in an untidy house.

  7. Thanks to this. I would like to add where possible go and find a communal work space (rented office spaces, cafes or a public library). It can be sometimes hard to draw the line between work and home.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. I work during the day
    I run a side hustle by night!

  9. Wow this is so true, though I don’t work from home yet ( we will get there) I find myself unproductive when at home.

  10. Oh! These are great tips for me ‘cos I’ll be working from home soon. Can’t keep up with the luxury of having a studio anymore.
    Thanks for this!

  11. I use a co-working space some days and other days I'm just there at home working nights and fine tuning the work..


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