This is possibly one of the biggest beauty questions on black girls' minds all over the world: Oyinbo /IJGB Culture or do we really need it? Does black skin crack (get sun brunt?!) The answer may surprise you!

Apparently, it's possible we do need to add sunscreen lotion to our morning beauty routine, after all. Research from healthcare company, Mayo Clinic, shows that although the melanin in black skin does give us some protection, the environment has changed and it is affecting the efficiency of the natural sun block in our skin.

According to Mayo Clinic, although we don't tend to get sun burnt, we are still at risk of skin damage from excessive sun exposure, as easily as people with fair skin.

So what does sun screen actually do?

Ultraviolet (or UV) radiation, an invisible part of the solar spectrum, is responsible for sunburn and other damaging effects to people’s skin. Sun-blocking skin lotions head off the UV light before it gets to surface of the skin.

So, I hope I have convinced you and not confused you (he he!) that even black people - i.e. you and I - do actually need sun screen - especially because of our (extra) hot climate, my Naija people. Here's a guide on what to look out for and what to buy:

Caution: Make sure you aren't allergic to the product. If you have sensitive skin, speak to a medical professional first (or do quick online research!).

SPF 30: You will get darker, but not crispy.
SPF 50: You will get a light tan or depending on your skin tone, not one at all
SPF 85: You should keep your original skin tone. 


  1. Yes we most certainly do need sunscreen. I got badly burnt in Las Vegas, and now I don't play with the sun anymore. Thanks for educating us!


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  3. Yes we need sunscreen oh. I’ve used sunscreen for about 20 years. I live in the flat lands in a certain region of the US and I find I must always have my sunglasses when the sun is out as well. Last year I attended a six-week training in South Carolina in the dead of summer and returned home “Black.” Me wey dark before. I should have doubled up on the sunscreen and hats. I’m just now getting back to my regular color.

  4. Now I know that I need sunscreen.

  5. i think all women need sun glasses not only the women, men also need it oo,

    and they also need this anti toxic for a better living it helps free your body from toxic

  6. Yeah! I agree with you. Here in Dubai we normally dont go out without wearing sunscreens. Being a place of hot climate, we all have keep a bottle in our handbags. Thank you for explaining the different SPF versions. On my next visit at the shopping mall ner dubai metro I will certainly check before buying one for me.


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