I was invited to the launch of LG's Neo Chef Microwave a few days back. Let me say this, that microwave is sleek! It has a minimalist design which goes so well with my minimalist kitchen design- I've been on this minimalism journey since 2016. Mr Paul Mba, reiterated this “the microwave oven eliminates trim and parting lines with its sleek, unified tempered glass front. This minimalist, glossy front combines with a refined matte exterior to allow the Neo Chef to seamlessly blend in with the decor of any kitchen.”

The launch took place at the Ijaiye Igba, LG Brand Store. The Head, Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics, West Africa. Mr. Rajesh Agnihotri, unveiled the latest LG Neochef microwave oven which is set to take culinary and microwave oven cooking to a whole new level and targeted towards Nigerian consumers who desire tasty meals as well as innovative, smart energy-saving technologies and products.

Also Mr. Paul Mba, spoke about the NeoChef's simplified intuitive control interface, streamlined operation and a range of hygiene-enhancing features. The General Manager, West Africa Operations LG Electronics Mr. Jiung Park, said: “With a minimalist design that appeals to consumers of all stripes, LG’s striking new microwave oven represents the company’s dedication to creating appliances that can add both functionality and class to any kitchen.” He stated further that “the NeoChef is powered by LG’s unique smart inverter technology; the microwave efficiently and effectively reheats and defrost food, decreases cooking times and makes it easier than ever for users to prepare delicious, highly-nutritious meals.”

Speaking in the same vein, MD, Fouani Nigeria Limited, Mr. Mohammed Fouani, MD Fouani Nigeria Ltd, said: “The NeoChef can be used for melting ingredients such as chocolate or cheese and precisely preparing a variety of foods with its specialised settings. LG’s advanced microwave can even be used to make healthy lactobacilli-infused yogurt more quickly than most home yogurt makers. The microwave’s healthy fry feature is even capable of preserving the distinct taste of each dish while making them healthier, with less oil and 72 percent less fat. Making pop corns at a home has never been this easy with the LG NeoChef microwave oven."

A demonstration took place to show how the microwave works; Asika, a staff of the company demonstrated the microwave's healthy fry feature and the less time it can take to cook by preparing popcorn in the presence of all. It came out tasty and fresh to the satisfaction of all present.

The highlights of the NeoChef microwave:

  • Its innovative hexagonal stable turntable offers increased stability to the turntable with its six points of support, solving the issue of possible spillage when the food being cooked is not exactly centred. 
  • With energy-efficient interior LED lamp that is three times brighter than conventional models, users can easily monitor the entire cooking process. 
  • Due to its compact exterior size, the microwave is at home in any kitchen while it is still able to accommodate large and tall dishes with its increased internal capacity.
  • Anti-bacterial easy clean that help users keep their ovens as clean as possible
The Neo Chef microwave oven has a unique smart inverter and comes with a 10-year warranty. It also comes in two colours: silver and black. The one I favour (the silver one) retails for N58,000.00 and the black retails for N50,000.00. Check it out in stores close to you!


  1. Won't there be any neochef microwave give away?

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  5. Furthermore, in the event that it is unified with a warming capacity then it can be utilized for raising the mixture as well.


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