With the new CBN foreign exchange policy which includes making foreign exchange readily accessible to pay tuition fees and the CBN also pegging the foreign exchange rate to 360.00 - $1.00, this now makes it easier for you to make your tuition fees payment to study at Coventry University for the May or September 2017 academic start date.

You can still make an application to study at Coventry University UK for the May or September 2017 start date. May 2017 academic start date? Automatic £2,000.00 off tuition fees!!! Please call 01 342 8034 or email (Whatsapp – 08169970063)

Watch Adebowale Adebiyi, Coventry University Student Union President, speak about this and more here 


  1. Hi Sisi Yemmie, I just wanted to say how admirable it is of you to post this. The internet is full of info on how to "slay" or "beat that face", but not enough on how to get educated. I encourage anyone in two minds to apply. The UK educational system is just excellent!

  2. Hmmm. My elder sister needs this. Would share

  3. this is what educated scholars find interesting in topics please thanks and keep doing the good work


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