We did it! 50,000 amazing SUBSCRIBERS! Thank you! Let's start the countdown to 100k! I remember dreaming about going on Vacation abroad, while that is still pending, a Staycation in the Diplomatic Suite of Sheraton Hotel Lagos helped us completely relax. Thank you Sheraton Hotel Lagos! I saw my husband in a totally new light...!

Also shout out to Baileys Nigeria for the pampering my mom and I enjoyed on Mothers Day! I met Tiwa from Skinny Girl In Transit (Abimbola Craig) and we have an important announcement! Enjoy the vlog and if you are not subscribed join our family by clicking and let's be friends on Instagram, click HERE


  1. Sisi I'm so happy for you,50,000 and still you more for your humilitty and cokery skill.

  2. This video was awesome!!! see bobo showing us his swimming skills, sisi you na fear fear lol. Titos was such a joy to watch, he was so excited when u guys got to your hotel room but the place make sense shaaa, u guys had a nice time. Keep making awesome videos n congrats on 50k e no easy. #wehdonema #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  3. What a wonderful vacation video! I especially liked the part where you all were in the swimming pool chilling. It's a good thing to take Tito out swimming and would encourage him to learn how to swim.

  4. Awwww. Congrats sis. Saw ur post on instagram where u posted a wedding party stuff of how u would behave when u reach 50k. Nice! I'm as elated as u are.


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