Nna men! So many things happen to you after you have your first baby, especially if that baby is the ONLY child. Things begin to happen to you. People start to talk. You start to think. For some women (couples) this is true and for some others it isn't. Here's my thought process so far on things that happen after you don born your first born, if you can relate, let me know which number of this ladder you're on now...LOL

1. People Start Watching The Time for that second born. It took about 6 months for people to start to asking kweshun like "hope you're getting ready oh", "what are you waiting for","Hope number 2 is on the way?"...e dakun... isn't it to early? They said no. BECAUSE. "It's good to have the kids close together so you gain and lose weight once and for all",  "your kids will be best friends if they are born close together" ...."you know you are not getting any younger?"

2. People Dictate The Gender for that second born. If na boy you born the first time, they will insist the next one should be a girl because you be God na, and you can decide what gender you want. Don't tension me! Pikin na pikin. It's things like this that cause quarrels between some couples. Nigerians have no chill. 

3. As a parent you start wondering if you can ever love another child as much as you are consumed by the love of your first child-e still dey shak you like ogogoro and kainkain...People with multiple kids tell you that you will love them just the same and equally. I don't still believe that sha. But what do  know? Na only 1 pikin I don born.

4. As a mother you suffer temporary amnesia on how difficult pregnancy/childbirth was with your first born. If you had a smooth pregnancy/delivery, I'm not talking to you. If like me you went through what I wrote about HERE, you may certainly forget about it and your mind starts to talk to you:
Mind: Oya do and carry belle na
Me: Buuut have you forgotten how painful it was??? *clutches woman parts in remembrance*
Mind: Ehen, it was painful but did you die????
Me: O_o
Call me crazy, but I actually started fantasising about a number 2 especially when I look at my son and he's playing alone, you feel he's lonely and it's all your fault! "Go and carry belle and give him a playmate my fren"...your mind instructs you!

5. You start to think of names for your second born that will most certainly rhyme with the name of your first born. You start to actually create room in your heart for a second born. You start to see families with 2 kids...1 boy, 1 girl...you desire it. You think you're ready. You think. 

....To be continued. 


  1. Even when you've had more than one Nigerians feel the need to help you dictate what comes next.They will say oya just do one more and you're done.Even if you have one boy and a girl you will hear someone tell you- you know girls take care of their parents well so have one more girl.I will give you the permission to ask me what I want,when you hear it just deal with it and don't give me your bloody opinion.It doesn't count really!They will talk till they unknowingly make a woman trying to conceive start to cry.It's quite annoying.


  2. Am still at no 1o! But mine started quite early! My baby just turned 4months & before she turned 2months some people don start to dey say when is the 2nd one coming? This one you started late... you Will pay school fees till you are 60 at this rate o!Me
    I want my baby to enjoy her childhood o am nt in a rush!

  3. Sisi, this is sooo true esp 1,3 and 5. I can totally relate but abegi make i enjoy my son first now, I also heard dt spacing d children is quite advisable as d children are smarter n more intelligent if dre is a reasonable age gap between dem *i stand corrected tho* I am soo not considering anoda baby for now jare, Darrell is such a handful so once i imagine 2 Darrells in d house*passes out* dt is d end of my story, i am sorry u r on ur own for d fourth point as my pregnancy and delivery was selense i.e sweet

  4. Hahahahahaha so me!! I'm done now

  5. Hian! This one that you are going on and on about 2nd belle, are you hinting us??!! 😁. My two pence is take your time, invest in the first one, spend quality time, care and funds on him. This will even help to equip you for the rest of the children that you will have eventually. God is the great time keeper, He will empower you to have all your children and take care of them. Stay blessed.

  6. Hahahahaha....The struggle! Me I am down the ladder o. #teamdoandmarry.

  7. True true true! I think I am in all phases now, in fact anytime I say I feel a bit down friends and family just assume na belle I get lol

  8. You really nailed it. Just take your time. Don't be carried away by other people's opinions.

  9. Hahaha. Haven't had 1 yet, but I can relate when these happens to my friends.
    ps: Shall we take this as a hint Sisi? Lol!

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  10. Too funny. I dont have a child yet but i already knkw these are the things people will say. That mind is funny. More pleaseee.

  11. Hello Sisi! I can totally relate to all you wrote about... I have one child and I sometimes suffer from amnesia,lol
    My pregnancy wasn't easy. Thinking when and how to be ready for the second one.

  12. As funny as it may sound, it gets to me, one told me that for you people that have one child, once the child is sick we start running heater skelter compared to they who've got more than one. You begin to wonder where someone gets the balls to talk b***./%Mt

  13. Haha.. So funny Sisi but totally true! The pressure ehh? But I'm a bit relaxed I have three in a space of 15months. My first(a boy) was 15months wen I had my twin girls who are now 13months so I'm sooo done! Even at that some people will see you after working so hard to stay fit and trim and still ask wen the next is comin and I'm like..' E say wetin? It's crazy. To answer your kweshun about loving them equally, you will I swear. But I guess you'll alws hav som attachment to your first. I dunno...
    Like say u wan carry abi u don carry? It's good jor, Tito is grown. Just do it and rest no matter how long u wait e still dey front dey wait. Lol


  14. Lol! This cracked me up but you are so right.

  15. Sisi you haff come again ooo. Temporary amnesia is so real men. I can't believe I have 3 but sometimes I feel like I need a baby in the house because my youngest is growing so fast.
    When my first turned out a girl, people predicted the second will be a boy but the second is a girl and third again is a girl too, defying all predictions. LOL
    I have to agree with the point about your kids being close in age. My girls are 2 years apart and they are so close. I love that I had them early though this may not work for everyone. Someone asked me the other day if they were my sisters. Haha


  16. Lol. Please let me just finnish and deliver this baby first. Then I can start to think about all that. Pregnancy is something else. I salute women that do it back to back.

    Lady G

  17. Sisi...I sense a new bun in the oven...;)

  18. sisi u wont kee me,see my teeth outside.I can relate with all ur points,my baby is just 10 months and am already thinking of the name i will give my next child.Any little sign of sickness,pple think u are pregnant.

  19. My first born is 11 months now but I'm already experiencing 2 to 5! I want a girl, I have a name picked out and then I wonder if I will ever love her as much as I love my son! Labour and delivery was great but the pregnancy was stressful so everytime baby fever catches me, I remind myself of my stressful pregnancy, having my cervix stitched and all what not. Then i shake my head and say mbanu, not yet time to repeat this episode!

  20. lol...for we wey never born kor? Happ to see you back on the blog, sisi!


  21. In my church they ask me all the time they even ask me for twins I wish they would mind there own business


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