On Tuesday 8th of November, three parents confirmed the credibility of the ongoing Ribena Back to School Scholarship Promo as their children were rewarded for finding the Smarty Berry sticker in the 150 ml promo pack. The parents of Islamiya Abass, Favour Benson and Fatimah Olaoolo experienced a guaranteed win as they each received cash scholarships of N100,000 to support their children’s education. 

Mr Taiwo Abass father of 10 year old Islamiya Abass from Fidelity Nur/Pry School, Ibeju Lekki was the first to receive his instant alert. He could not contain his excitement as he shared his testimony in Yoruba. In his testimony, he shared that “Since Islamiya came across the adverts for the Ribena Back to School Scholarship promo, she has been disturbing me to buy her a carton so she could stand a chance to win, I eventually gavein and one day when I came home from work, she was screaming with her siblings because they had found the Smarty Berry sticker that won her the scholarship. Islamiya had faith and she won!”

Mrs Laide Benson mother of Favour Benson from Favour Benson from Ideal Girls Grammar School Lagos Surulere was the next to screech with excitement and she sang “I don get alert Godwin!” She went on to pray for the company as she shared that this scholarship will go a long way in supporting her daughter’s education. 

17 year old Fatimah Rasaq Olaoolo from Idimu Junior High School, who was the last beneficiary, shared her family’s testimony on behalf of her elderly mother. She said, “I thank God for what he has done for me and 
my family. In these trying times in Nigeria, N100,000 is not small money; even N50 is not small money. I told my friends in school about my Ribena Scholarship and they are all rushing to buy Ribena now”

The Ribena Back to School Scholarship Promo is a guaranteed win and ends on the 30th of November! No disappointments, no sentiments all you have to do is participate by following the steps below; 

1. Buy a promo carton of Ribena 150 ml now 

2. Find the Smarty Berry Sticker with the winning code 

3. Send Code behind the scratch panel to 65432 for verification 

4. Follow the process as informed by Ribena redemption representative. 

Watch testimonial videos here: https://youtu.be/8nUOBkgz1Wg


  1. This is great, there is nothing like when a company gives back to the society; Naturally, it sells faster than advert. That's what is called Charity Marketing.

  2. Nice initiative.



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