Praiseeeee Master Jesus!!! I cannot remember the last time I uploaded the vlog on time! I'm trying out a new internet service and I can say THIS IS IT! In this weeks vlog I show you my everyday life that shows I'm just like you, not perfect, flawed, but still lovely :D SAMSUNG sent me a new phone so the vlog video quality should be better-let e know if you see a difference between my previous S6 vs the new S7

Earlier in the week i visited a  SPA because body nor be firewood and I would highly recommend them, do you see the attention to detail on my feet???? ELLE PAIRER SPA 10 ogunbike Street Off Wole Olateju Crescent , Lekki Phase 1. 

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  1. Awwww...exam things. Will watch everything after exams.

  2. High five, sisi!
    I saw the vlog this morning and I'm like yes!!! It came on time!
    Please stick to that internet service oo.
    Off to watch now.

  3. SPA! My most favourite thing to do in the world!!! Its necessary my sister. Body no be firewood. And i don't even stick to one spa. I prefer to go round and see what different services they all have to offer. I've been to at least 10 spas in Lagos (they are quite affordable, they dont all have to be expensive). After all the hustle and bustle in Lagos, dont feel guilty about treating yourself abeg. Kai, you can bribe me with spa. I try to go once in every 3 months.

    I need a Samsung phone!!! If you have one you are not using, please feel free to pass it along.

    My dear, you are a human being o. Feel free to express your emotions. We all have them. Unfortunately, im not on twitter. Too little time to keep up with all these social media handles.

    I love the red dress!!! All the food looks so lovely! Hello mummy, daddy and uncle junior.

  4. I love the way you write and share your niche! Very interesting and different! Keep it coming! real instagram likes

  5. I really enjoyed this video. I mean... People in the limelight r humans too jus lik everybody else. I lik dat u're able to express urself & be original.
    At first, I cldnt recognise d Sisi I saw at d beginning of d video w'out make-up. Probably cos I've not seen u (in pictures) w'out 1. Then along d line came d Sisi face I knw which goes on to show how real u r & ofcourse ure not about that perfect life the media portrays. U go to d market lik odas, feed Tito, cook, go 2 d spa & all dat. I tink it is quite inspiring. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF & OWN YOUR VERY OWN IDENTITY. So nice you shared.


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