My people how body? Today is the day I nack una my pregnancy and birth experience. A lot of you wanted to know what happened and I'm sharing it in this video. Brethren, this is not the kain tory wey people dey write, I just had to film it (because I know some of you are complaining that these days na so so video), don't worry, more text posts coming from me soon. So you don't miss any of my videos click HERE to SUBSCRIBE (It's free!) You can also follow me on Instagram :D

Hmmmm my experience was not nice at all oh and let me just say that next time before I get the belle sef I go don plan where to born the pikin by God's grace. I had quite a nasty experience for a first timer and I know say e nor suppose be like that. 

One point I will always note is this: if you're going for any important procedure in a Nigerian hospital 

1. Make sure you always ask questions (they don't like answering sha but ASK!)
2. Carry somebody sharp with you because the biggest problem with Nigerian Hospitals is negligence! Once they know they are being monitored they sit up. 
3. Do your research, some of these hospitals are just "names"...find people who have had experiences.

Above all PRAY! I hope you enjoy the video: please share your birth experience with me!!!


  1. Sisi Yemmie,this story almost brought tears to my eyes. Chai! I don't pray to have my children in a Nigeria hospital oo. The doctors and nurses are heartless. They wasted too much time helping with the delivery of your baby.
    Thank God that Bobo was there to speak some senses to them.
    Nevertheless,thank God your baby came out fine and healthy. That's all that matters. May u reap the fruits of your labour by God's grace and may God continue to uphold your home.
    Bobo is such a caring man

    Can't wait to have this experience of delivering my child. To all women looking unto God for the fruits of the womb,God wl grant us all sooner than we expect.

    Love u Sisi Yemmie,u are just too real.No forming things

  2. I just posted this on BN.

    Lord have mercy. This just reminds me of my ordeal last year.

    I was also overdue, Doc said she'll induce me. (BTW the hospital came highly recommended for Ob/Gyn).
    The fingers in the VJJ were just ridicuolous and painful; with all our advancement in science, there's no better wat to check dilation????/
    When the contractions hit after induction!!! Kai, Jesus be my Saviour. I feltit in my brain. That was pain on a scale I've never seen (bear in mind I've passed a kidney stone and also had a ruptured ovarian cyst).
    Anyway, labour went on for hours, yet dilation was stuck at 4cm.
    I got a sweep, water were ruptured artificially, yet it wasnt moving along.

    Eventually, after about 16 hours of pain, I was fully dilated. I pushed like my life depended on it, literally. In 3 pushes, baby had crowned and the baby didnt come out. Had an episiotomy and a tear (Vacuum was also used), baby didnt budge. Doctor said I had to go for a C-Section. What, after all this pain and waiting and horror.

    I had to wait about 15mins for an anaesthetist to show up. Good thing is baby was a trooper all the while (heart rate steady, tolerating the massive contractions easy peasy).

    So I had a C-Section; Doc pushed the baby back in. The best thing about the whole ordeal was when i got the epidural. Lord Jesus, I now understand how people get addicted to drugs. It was ah-mazing! The pain just disappeared.

    The worst part, asides the pain was when i didnt hear my baby cry after the surgery. Took about 2 mins for that (seemed like 100 hours to me). I could see the paediatrician working on her ...... my heart was in my mouth, baby, take that breath (was scared of brain damage due to lack of oxygen, among other things) well she cried and i cried and all became well with the world.

    Then I started shivering. Doctor said it wasn't unusual for that to happen. He gave me an injection and adjusted the A/C and i stopped shivering. (So Sisi Yemmie, the shivering wasnt unusual. The doc shld have taken care of that before wheeling you out of the surgery)

    I took me 2 days before I was in the mood to see my baby. But once I requested to see her, i fell in love.

    okay, writing this made me teary eyed.

    1. Beautiful story...I'm a trained US RN and praying to at least get pregnant one day so I can be a mom and fall in love again like you did. However, I do not ever want anyone to have to experience that pain and hours of longing to be done with the whole procedure of childbirth, talkless of my patients or even myself. Nigerian healthcare is so substandard that it scares me to death if I find myself practicing in naija, would I be able to cope with these healthcare team that refuse to be their patient advocate?

  3. Hi Sisi, thanks for sharing your birth story. I enjoyed watching it and laughed every step of the way too. Pele! I can imagine what happens in Nigerian Hospitals. But all the same, I know what to look out for on my first. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

  4. Hi Sisi, thanks for sharing your birth story. I enjoyed watching it and laughed every step of the way. I'm just imagining what happens in Nigerian Hospitals. At least, helps me to know what to look out for on my first... Thanks you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

  5. Hi Sisi, thanks for sharing your birth story. I enjoyed watching it and laughed every step of the way too. Pele! I can imagine what happens in Nigerian Hospitals. But all the same, I know what to look out for on my first. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

  6. Firstly, you are a comedian! I kept laughing and laughing, thank God I didn't fall off my sit.
    Secondly, have watched a lot of birth videos and some are nice others are painful but yours was top notch painful. Kai! The whole thing sounds so painful but am sure he's all worth the pain.
    Hopefully, mine won't be that way. In Jesus name o! AMEN

  7. Sisiyemi did you remember how that pain felt when you saw your baby cos I couldn't remember when I saw my babies cos I've been trying to remember o how it felt that pain no be here

  8. You are a great story teller...loving the weekly videos...sorry to those in Naija who will be considering data before pressing play....What an experience! As we pray for the ability to travel abroad to have babies..we also pray for better quality care in Nigeria so those who can't travel also have a fighting chance with their kids..I would love to see you get a sponsorship with Pampers/Peak 1 23 Milk or something to really spread the word about better maternal care and also educating mothers to ask the right questions....that alone can make a big difference!

  9. Congrats on the birth of your baby. The thing is there is a lack of empathy of information in Nigeria and lack of empathy from the medical practitioners. They shouldnt check you (vaginally) more than 2 or 3 times in a day because of risk of infection - there is always a risk of infection. Secondly when they put in the "blombom" or the tablet to induce you - the mistake you made was not walking - you should have walked for like 2 hours or even climbed a stair case up and down repeatedly - then the tablet/the blom blom would have worked but as usual the medical practitioners did not tell you.

    That drip they gave you? its was meant to speed up your contractions and yes it is like fire in your veins and they SHOULDN'T have given you without an epidural - that was terribly unfair of them.

    I hope the Medical practitioners in Nigeria learn to be nicer and more caring... all the best with your next baby whenever you decide to have one.

    1. My dear, i beg to differ....the drip given must not be accompanied with epidural. Having epidural is totally up to you. I had the drip given and when I could not bear the pain anymore I requested for an epidural. This was with my second baby. For my first baby after the drip was administered I didnt ask for an epidural and none was given cos for some funny reason the breathing exercises helped make the contraction pains better. So it is not compulsory that they give u an epidural. Plus epidural is a separate cost o.

    2. My dear, i beg to differ....the drip given must not be accompanied with epidural. Having epidural is totally up to you. I had the drip given and when I could not bear the pain anymore I requested for an epidural. This was with my second baby. For my first baby after the drip was administered I didnt ask for an epidural and none was given cos for some funny reason the breathing exercises helped make the contraction pains better. So it is not compulsory that they give u an epidural. Plus epidural is a separate cost o.

  10. Dear Lord! See what you saved me from...I was booked to be induced on the 9th but my baby came on the 4th via normal delivery. Meanwhile, my doctor had told me to prepare my mind for CS if after the induction the baby still wasn't out or I got too weak from the pain. Nobody needs to tell you NEVER to go back to that hospital. Thank God for you and Titobi

  11. When u were talking about food.. hibs was like OLE.... LMAO.

    Big congrats our Sisi

  12. Sisi Yemmie, your story sent shivers down my spine....Jesus, I can't imagine d "chooking" aspect. I pray u have a less painful delivery subsequently in Jesus name nd may ur bring u joy dt will erase d memory of d pain in Jesus' name.

  13. Sisiiii!!!!! I was always debating in my office with my office mate that you were pregnant, your nose was your "signpost".
    Sorry about your shoes, but this is a myth I have come to believe, with each pregnancy your legs grow an inch, I had to dash out my shoes after my first child.
    "Supernatural Childbirth is my everyday bible all through pregnancy, even when I am in labor, I go with it to the hospital.
    I watched this in the office and I couldn't stop laughing, Sisi, you are too funny.
    Me I naw dey gree chooking of hand, I was a very stubborn pregnant woman in labour and my mum would laugh and ask shebi you said you are in labour, but with what she has taught me (been a retired Chief Nursing Officer with over 20 grandchildren) plus my research and my God , I was prepared, I should share my experience too.
    Over all we thank God for the birth of Tito, and another thanks because he is growing and a very healthy baby.

  14. Doh o. That must have been traumatic.
    Similar story with my first baby. Except the 3 days before part. We went straight to the IV to Induce labor and some anesthesia that made me fall in and out of sleep between contractions( don't know why the didn't give you some form of pain blocker or epidural). 7am till 7pm before they decided on the c-section, ( ofcourse i was begging for csection by abt 3pm, but dr insisted we waited a bit more)but it wasn't rushed at all, baby pooped as well, but heart bit was on point. Yep, to the post anesthesia hypothermia, but with subsequent c sections I didn't have it as much.
    My next 2 c sections was much easier, scheduled, I tried to wait for labour 42 weeks and nothing, I could not try that inducing thing again, just packed my bag and went straight. Much easier, I was even standing up by evening of same day and feeding baby myself.

  15. Firstly, Congrats Sisi $ Bobo on ur bundle of joy. He is indeed a beauty to behold..
    Secondly, OMG.. Pregnancy really did u strong thing.. See how dark u were n ur fine shape disappeared.. But u were not Wowo raised to power twenty..
    Now to clarify some stuffs u talked abt.. No 1.. U were actually post term n immediately d induction failed, they were suppose to wheel u in for C/S n not try their luck o.. It's only in Naija dat things like dat happen.. Then for the Induction.. They used a Foley catheter n put water In it, the goal was for it to kinda enlarge ur cervix n fall out n since that didn't happen, they decided to use Cytotec to rub on ur cervix to see if it wud ripen it..(but seeing dat ur belly in the video.. Ur baby jus refused to descend, I knew dat normal delivery wud v been war).But that didn't work.. So they ruptured ur membrane(dats the putting scissor into d Vagina to cut something). As for d VE to check ur dilatation, it is supposed to b done every 4hrs till u get to 6cm, after dat it becomes more frequent. The drip they gave to u had oxytocin in it and that was to augment labour, that's y d contractions started n it was dat bad.
    In conclusion dear, Nigerian health care system needs to improve in a lot of areas esp the mother n child aspect.. Speaking from experience(that's taking delivery n not actually d one delivering, it's a painful/tiresome journey, but in the end once the baby is out.. U forget all the pains that happened.
    Congrats again n may he continue to be d source n cause of ur joy now n forever

  16. i found the video very interesting n funny. i had my baby about two weeks ago n it was not funny at all. i had my first baby last year september n got preggy again wen he was 3months old. this last pregnancy showed me pepper. i saw my show a week before i put to bed but wn d doc checked i was not in labour. prior to this baby had been in breech presentation n cs was advised. my mum kicked against it . i was all for it n had even decided to go for itva day to my son's 1st birthday. as God wld v it , it was shelved cos my baby decided to position herself head down.fastforward to one week after i saw my show,i was having an early morning chat with my son wen i felt some wetneṣs on my thighs . water had broken n no contractions. hurried to d hospital n was induced. d pain no be here at all. laboured for about four hours n my princess came into d world

  17. Right now I'm so scared... I can't just imagine going through this kind of pain.Its worth it though,no pain no gain.Congrats again on the birth of Tito,you went on a journey and thank God you came came safely with a bundle of joy.

  18. Sisi yemmie,ur birth story is exactly mine it is as if ure talkn abt my birth u said seeing my baby make it all worth it.

  19. I had my baby girl just over two weeks ago at general hospital Ifako. Best decision I ever made, don't know what would have happened at the private hospital where I was registered. Long story short. I had cervical ripening the night before, cathetar won't fall out by morning baby girl refused to descend . was induced at 930 and dilated quickly to about 7cm in two hours when trouble struck. First doctor said he couldnt hear her heart beat, others said it was faint etc etc. Oh ctg refused to work. So doxtors called for an emergency CS. Baby came out yelling at the top of her voice, we all laughed about the false alarm. I had the best care there at general hospital. And thank u yemisi for coming to support me at the hospital even though u didnt get to ser me that day.

  20. Sisi Yemmie your hilarious! You made the birth story very funny!
    May God help Nigeria's healthcare system o! May God bless you and your family!
    For me,my baby was 2weeks early, my water broke at home and was 'dirty/brown' as you called it so i knew the baby had done a poo inside me (meconium baby),learnt this from ante natal class.
    I called the hospital to inform them and they told me to come in. That water did not stop oo it just kept pouring even with maternity pad,made a mistake of getting very thin ones!
    Got to hospital and was told i would be examined and i asked my husband how? The nurse came back and told me to open my legs *side eye* and she stu ked her hand inside i screamed! Well i was just 1cm at 5.45am!!
    Went to labour room,i didnt hsve appetite to eat but this elderly Nigerian midwife who was attending to me prayed with me n husband and told me to eat now as i wont,thank God i listened.
    Anyways,i still wasnt dilating or contracting so they told me i will be induced to bring on labour. With this contractions started n i was not feeling it at all then i started feeling it,that is d worse pain have felt in my life!! I used gas and air at first as i thought i wouldnt need epidural.I later requested for epidural and it helped alot!!! Still i was not going more than 4cm and baby's oxygen level was dropping so we were told we would have emergency cesarian so as not to risk anything. The theatre was soo cold n i just kept shivering and shivering. Baby was brought out around 5.30pm n i was happy i could hear him cry.
    During the stiches i started loosing oxygen and could not breathe properly so the doctors kept calling my name to stay awake...well lets just say thank God.
    I struggled to hold the baby as i felt sick n had to throw up. Was monitored till i felt better to be taken to ward. I got to ward and this itching started like my body was on fire, i couldnt hold the baby for fear of throwing him with the way i itched! I believe that was the side effect of the epidural. The itching didnt stop till day 3,it was very bad. Stayed in the hospital for a week till both me and baby got okay.
    All in all,any woman that goes into a delivery room anywhere in the world and comes out alive should always say Thank you Lord!!
    Funnily, as a ftm,i know this will not stop me from having more kids in future if God permits.


  21. Yemisi kai u r a drama Let me share my experience. I have two boys and both were born in two countries...naija and America, First story of the birth in naija was very ok o. God was in control all through. U were lucky ur pregnancy symptoms were not bad at all. For me i vomitted all through till I gave birth. For both pregnancies o. It wasnt funny. Ull see food and u cannot demolish it because u know that as u take one spoon everything will just come out. So I was not fat at all during both pregnancies. Ok moving on to my naija experience...I was 38 weeks pregnant and was trying to get ready for work that friday morning. Infact I had one owambe the next day to attend. I went to quickly pee before I set off for work and I saw the show (blood mixed with mucus). I told my husband and we went to the hospital. Dr checked me...yes he put his hand in there and said I was 2cm dilated. He said...'madam oya go upstairs, we are admitting you'. I was feeling like a boss lady cos i was just feeling like menstrual pain cramps and I thought to myself if this is the labour contractions then this is easy peasy. The the nurses told me the exact thing they told u....'u r smiling now eh, dont worry very soon ull understand'. Fast forward to that evening I was still only 2cm dilated then they inserted one tiny tablet inside there to induce me. For where I no shake. Fast forward to later that night, the doctor came and said ' madam u must give birth by early tomorrow morning because we dont want to put u or the baby in too much strain. I agreed o. Hmmmm early morning around 4 am they gave me the drip of I call it THE HOT DRIP (Oxytocin). I was seeing stars. They took me to the labour ward and checked again I was just 5cm dilated. I was in so much pain that I could tear down the walls of a building with my bare hands. Something that worked for me was I was doing the breathing exercises. It helped a lot. My hubby chopped enough strangulation...I held his shirt so tight that I almost strangled Fast forward to around 8.30 am I was about 8cm and felt like pooing. They told me 'dont poo oh u r not fully dilated yet if not ull tear ur cervix'...I no hear that one oh. Funny enough I was not intentionally doing it so I had no contol. They broke my water and as I opened my legs to stay in position, the doctor said he could see the head of the baby and in one big not baby came out....chai see releif. Thank God o.

  22. This is a continuation of my first story.
    Second experience...second time around. We decided that the next baby was going to be born overseas. Destination.. I was past my due date oh infact I was 41 weeks pregnant when I gave birth. My experience was not as smooth as the first but the nurses were fantastic. See people that are passionate about their job...kai. They made the experience bearable. Anyways was overdue but the hospital said they wont induce me till I was 42 weeks so they booked me for the 20th of may 2015. Yes...sisi yemmie we gave birth in the same Because I had never actually been in labour that started on its on I didnt know what to expect or how the labour would start.The doctor told me at 40 weeks that my cervix was still at the back so no show. Nyways hubby dragged me on the 14th to the hospital cos i started feeling light menstrual cramps. I was checked and was just 2cm dilated but they noticed my blood pressure was high. I said me ke...BP high...iv never had high BP in my life. So because of this they admitted me and said they'll induce me cos it was risky to have high BP in pregnancy which developed overnight. They gave me one tiny tablet to put in my mouth....this was on a thursday morning they inserted tablet show. Friday afternoon..they put that baloon thing they put for u yemisi and told me it would drop by itself.That night I saw the show...chai this one was more than what I saw in the first whole bed was soaked. Saturday morning, the baloon dropped and they said I was 5cm. The contraction pains were on another level. Worse than my first pregnancy...chai. They wheeled me to the labour ward..I couldnt bear the pain o I asked for epidural sharp sharp.
    After the epidural life was But then I was shaking abi na trembling uncontrollably. They said it was the effect of the that point I couldnt feel my stomach and legs o. They put the oxygen mask which helped with the trembling. I got to 9cm without even knowing it...then i felt like pooing. The doc came and put her hand there and said Im almost 10 cm but she brought out black slimy stuff. She said 'Madam, once we get the baby out, he wont cry immediately ok but dont worry in a matter of seconds, ull hear him scream'. Apparently my pikin don shit for my belle. Fast forward to pushing and baby came out. I had no tear at all. To God be the glory o.

  23. Well done Sisi, you have done well! Having a baby is no moin-moin joor! I was lucky to have my baby outside Nigeria. Pregnancy was fun for me, no morning sickies, no swelling on any part of the body. My water leaked 4days to my EDD and I had to be induced because contractions did not come. It was painful but I stuck to an old friend's advice of "flowing with the pain and not trying to fight it"...that really helped!. My baby came out after 6hours of induction and I was on top of the world. I shed tears when I remembered what goes on in the healthcare system of so many African countries. we shall get there I pray!

    May God bless us Mothers. Thanks for the Video too cos I wanted something like this while expecting but noone gave detailed explanation like you just did. Kisses to Tito

  24. My birth story is exactly like urs sisi but a bit less stressful,I was also induced nd dilation stopped at 5cm so d only option left was a cs apparently d baby leg were wrapped around d cord so deres no way for him to descend.I just tnk God d dr on duty didn't insist on a vaginal birth,he showed me ow d leg was wrapped around d cord.I was rolled to d ward after d shaking has stopped,baby was given drip water no breast feeding cos he mite purge or vomit cos he wasn't born vaginally.I was given an injection which will make u slp for up to 12 hrs.I spent 4 dys in d hospital before I was discharged.PS I lost all my pregnancy weight immediately after labour.

  25. Sisi am so scared now can't imagine goin thru dat kinda pain. Am 29week 6days pregnant Nd been vry sick since d begininin of d pregnancy! Lord help me!

  26. Beautiful and well set often thanks Sisi Yemi

  27. Beautiful and well written. Thanks Sisi Yemi. Definitely learnt a thing or two.

  28. Wow Sisi! I thank God you have a testimony to show for all that pain (a very healthy and handsome testimony at that). Thanks for sharing your experience.
    I saw my mucus plug 2 days before labor started. Husband had travelled, so I was at my folks'. Woke up during midnight on the D-day, to pain that's 10 times my painful period pain and I knew without a doubt that I was in labor. After an hour, went to wake the parents and told them "I think I'm in labor". Mom asked why I think so, i tried to explain rationally in between contractions.
    This was heading towards 2am, so she suggested we waited a little till about 4am before heading to the hospital, so we wouldn't expose ourselves to the risks of driving at that time (armed robbers n all).
    Went back to my room and resumed trying to not scream down the whole house. Was speaking with my husband too.
    At 4.30, went to find my mom, she was picking crayfish (of all things). We eventually set out at 5. The nurses were busy asking mundane questions, etc. Got in the delivery room at about 6.
    First, there was no light. Their generator service person had to go home and wasn't back yet. So everything going on was going on with the aid of a rechargeable lamp I absent mindedly took along with me from my room.
    Second, the first nurse who "shuked hand" got the bad end of my tongue, she started fuming and making nasty comments (we'll call her the vicious one).
    Third, after about 30mins, the water broke and then I started feeling sleepy cos I hadn't really slept all night. One nurse said I could take a nap.
    Fourth, the vicious one came and said feeling sleepy meant I was getting weak. Next thing, she gave me oxytocin injection and quickly left the room. This is despite my querying and challenging the syringe she was bringing my way.
    Fifth, I should mention here that no one had checked my blood pressure, administered a drip or anything of the sort all through.
    Sixth, after the injection, the pain became I screamed and screamed and started pushing of my own accord.
    Seventh, they all later rushed in and started the senrenren. After a few pushes, they cut me. I asked why and they were laughing at me and saying "am I not in labor? How come I felt that cut". Anyways, baby came out screaming and trying to suck his thumb (dude must have been really hungry). This was minutes to 7.
    Eight, the stitching was carried out without any pain reliever whatsoever. This was plain evil. The pain? Ha! I can't even put to words. I should also mention that we were still using my rechargeable lamp.
    Ninth, after the stitching, one of those humongous pads was pushed all the way in up there to " help stem the bleeding" and I wasn't to remove it until I need to pee.
    Tenth, I was now helped out of my (now) blood soaked and ruined nightie and led to the delivery ward to "try and give my baby colostrum". Still no pain relievers, sleep, light or food.
    That's my delivery experience at a non-private hospital.

    1. @Moyosore Daramola(Adeleye) Awww! so sorry for your experience... Your next experience will be better, don't worry but please don't go back to that hospital abeg..Kisses to your lil" one.
      P:S i hope you are now fat o *shines teeth*

  29. Lovely story! Thank God for mercies and victories! Sisi you are so real. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Sisi, you went through a lot ooo. You were pregnant to your eyes?! Chai you are so funny. I watched the video two good times. Thank God you had a healthy baby in the end. God bless Bobo for being so supportive. The first childbirth is always quite an experience. It's a story that deserves to be told. Please read mine here:

    My phenomenal childbirth story!

  31. I laughed,i cried,I imagined so much at d same time. I love u sisiyemmie

  32. Having a c-section after hours of labour is the woest experience ever. Bcos two days after the c section i was still having little contractions as if i was 4cm dilated.
    doctor said its normal for patients who xperienced labour and a c section. Coupled with tge fact that i couldnt taste anything for days.
    Shaming women who had c sections is very wrong cos everyones story is different. Reason for my c section was my blood pressure shooting up uncontrollably. But Alhamdullilah. Mama and baby was fine after all. My little one is almost 3years old

  33. Sisi Yemmie, you are amazing. First time I'm commenting. Your narration made me smile and then, I really cried and got scared. Like seriously, to be a woman is no small feat. Love you, love your boy, love your family. I feel like I know you personally and your weekly vlog has become part of my weekly routine. Kisses to you and sloppy kisses for darling Titobioluwa. Hugs.

  34. Let me add, you should honestly get an endorsement, babycare products, international charities for children and more, I'd be rooting for you. Hugs again.

  35. Touching story. Congrats on the birth of Tito

  36. My Sisi baby,

    Kai! You almost had me crying....I love love love this video.

    You see, mine was very painful but not as hard as yours I believe. Hearing your story makes me know that yours was tougher.

    I was in a great hospital and had wonderful medical staff all around me. I had 4 doctors and an array of nurses running around me. I know I was a troublesome pregnant woman but I had great care...never did I hear any stupid words but kind words with comforting messages.

    Mine was natural delivery, after under-going labor for over 22 hours and finally too weak to push, I had the baby skilfully removed from me with a forcep. Baby had some markings on her head which later disappeared.

    I was wheeled on a chair back to my ward while baby was taken to the nursery where she was tagged and her vital statistics taken before she was brought back to me. I immediately fell asleep but woke up strong and very hungry. From then onward I was strong and good but had the baby blues which made me think I was going mad with funny thoughts dancing in my head concerning baby and that I might hurt her. Sisi it was not easy. I had to see a specialist and was given drugs for my baby blues.

    While climbing up the stairs, I feared I would drop her, while giving her a bath, I feared I would drown her. Crazy and scary thoughts I tell you. Having no one but myself to rely on, I started caring for baby immediately I left the hospital. While other new mother's were enjoying their mother's presence (omugwo) etc. I was on my own with baby but soon, I became an expert. My tiny baby is now a very beautiful1 year and six months old, running around and climbing up chairs and tables...changing DSTv channels etc. *wish I could attach her pic to this comment* :-)

    We bless God for safe deliveries...many went into labor theaters and never came out.


    Forget about the Ebola Saga, that hospital helped in containing it and prevented more Nigerians from dying. Not being able to travel because of some issues, I got an equivalent of the kind of care you would get abroad. They are on the high side, hold from #300,000 to 1 million (in case of C/S) but you will get the best care ever. If I must have another baby in Nigeria like I did my first, I would go back to First Consultant Medical Center. Doctor Ohaeri is the best and his staff are amazing. The late Dr Adadevo was the one who consoled me and let me know that my baby blues was not unusual. I remember her last words to me, "Are you a christian?" she asked. I said yes. She said, "Take all your fears to God". You will be ok....many women have the baby blues but say nothing about it until it becomes serious but I am glad you recognized it and came back to the hospital, you are not crazy.You are going to be a great Mum".

    May the good Lord bless her soul.

    I am not advertising for them Sisi, I am just letting you know that you can use their services next time if you wish....if you are not going abroad and also letting other ladies out there know that you can still get great care here in Nigeria...if you wish to use a great Nigerian hospital.


  37. Please how do I subscribe to ur channel

  38. Please how do I subscribe to us channel sisi

  39. Sisi Yemmie, Wow!! Your story had me in tears...But Thank God it ended well..My delivery experience was sooo pleasant i must say, can't explain how i did it BUT i give glory to God. I was in labour for about 2hours and after i got into the delivery room, i had my baby after 3 push..I pray i experience the same for my 2nd.......Kisses to Tito of life.

  40. Gosh! Dis video took me back to my pregnancy days. I hav 2 beautiful kids wit diff labour experience. Had d first one after 18hours labour nd @ 36weeks, almost strangled my mom to death nd d checking was out of dis world, lesson learnt from dat experience was neva to go to d hospital early. Second one I helped myself @ home by using castor oil after she passed her EDD nd still no show, water broke @ home 2hrs after using castor oil, labour for 6hours ( d pain was out of dis world oh) nd she came out 5mins after 12midnight on her daddy's bday.

  41. Sisi, I'm sorry you had to go through this. I haven't done my birth story yet, but it's nothing compared to yours. Thank God you and baby are just fine.

  42. awwww sisi!!thank God for safe delivery o.I decided to comment when you said you asked for CS because i did the same when i had my daughter.The pain can't be put in words.Im still going to do my birth story when the one im carrying at the moment gives me a little bit of peace.

  43. My goodness!!!

    What an ordeal, I'm so glad you got through it okay and you can now v-log about it.
    I laughed and I cried while I read it.

    Google can be such a scary place with its avalanche of information. Headaches become death sentences, chai!!! Yet, you are right. People need to stay informed so they don't follow like sheep without direction.

    Congratulations Sisi!!

  44. My God! Sisi Yemmie, I can so relate to most of the labour story o. That drip is pitocin - I remember thinking this thing is of the devil because nothing God created could be this wickedly painful. I also had it as also was overdue at 41weeks and 4days and had to be induced. My induction only took a day though and the first part was the misoprotol tablets they inserted and when that didn't progress into full labour, they administered that drip. See ehn, the pain of pitocin-induced contractions is unexplainable, though you did a good job, I literally flinched as you were doing that tying motion to describe it - it was really like that, like being on the worst period pain and as the cramps come, someone is tying the cramp to make it a gazillion times more painful.

    I had the option of epidural - it was in my birth plan but I was feeling strong until they administered the drip and by that time, it was too late to give me epidural. Epidural is not administered after 4cm or 6cm dilation (can't remember which now). Right from the moment as they inserted it, I screamed, I was like "why is this thing so painful?!" I swear it literally scattered my brain. I was speaking in tongues, I was begging God, bargaining with God, after a while I started talking to the baby and begging him to come, asking why he wasn't coming and does he like seeing his mummy in so much pain. I was also scolding myself for not taking the epidural soon enough, for feeling strong and doing alaroro - epidural aint cheap and not covered by insurance. I was also begging for CS but the doctors were like hold on.

    Those checks in the vagina to see how far one has dilated were also extremely invasive and painful but after sometime, you don't care about the invasiveness, just the pain. Finally my doctor said if you've not dilated fully (that's 10cm dilation) by the next check, we will have to do the CS. As God would have it, by the next check I was fully dilated and baby came 15mins after. I think moving around, walking during/between contractions help.

    The hospital was wonderful though. The nurses were nice and encouraging. Several times I leaned on them during contractions. In fact, I kept apologising for disturbing them. There was a point I was like "Why am I not dilating, I am so disappointed in myself" They were like "Haba, how can you say you're disappointed in yourself" and just kept telling me to be positive. They were really awesome. So, really not all Nigerian hospitals and health workers are nonchalant and tough.

  45. Sisi,I read your story and it's unfortunate that you had such a horrible experience. I had a baby last year too, and it was a beautiful experience. I had my baby in Abuja in Zankli hospital and the staff at the hospital were so well trained that they made it so wonderful for me. Never had I seen such professionalism before. I was so impressed! Labour was long and I spent over 24 hours before I had my little darling, but I was treated so well and the environment was very conducive.
    I hate that so many people who are meant to be professionals refuse to do their job and make people have bad experiences like you did. I think it's fine to go have your baby abroad if you want to and have the means, but I hate to hear that it is done because of bad experiences.
    I believe that we can become the change we want to see in this country. It may take time, but we can do it if we all determine to do right even when others are doing wrong, and also teach our children to do right and stand for right regardless of the circumstances they are faced with.
    It is well with Nigeria. We will be great!!!

  46. God we save us. we shall eat the fruit of our labour ijn

  47. Hi sisyemmie, I always follow ur post but nvr comment but watching dis vlog i cant help but feel sorry for you, i can totally imagine wat u went thru, though my pregnancy was as smooth as smooth cld be, i was even more beautiful in pregnancy, just used to hv lots f indigestion, my labour was intense tho it lasted for only 3 hours and I gave birth to my prince charming in just one push, it was indeed a magical experience,i used a general hospital n suprisingly the midwives were so good and encouraging, my doctor always made me laff. I pray ur next pregnancy and delivery would be smoother than dat of a hebrew woman

  48. You had me in tears Sisi! Mennnnnhhh!!! How did you tell this story without crying? I just relieved my whole birth experience and at the end of the day, all i can say is "It is worth it in the end. Thank you Jesus!"
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  49. Thank you for sharing your experience. i thank God for your life.

    Although, i would have loved if you mentioned the name of the hospital.
    You kept saying Nigerian hospitals, and giving birth in all Nigerian hospitals is not as bad an experience as you describe.I also had a baby via C-section last year but at St. Ives Hospital Opebi in Lagos and the experience compares to what many run to America for except of course the kpali. how can you induce a woman for 3 days? very unprofessional. my induction was for a day. it is typical for the meds to cause baby's heart rate to drop.

    The main thing for intending mothers, do your research. check the type of equipment, talk to moms who have delivered there, what are the nurses like? i cannot stand terrible nurses (this is common in Nigeria) so i had to bear the high cost for the type of service i wanted.

  50. I remember I could sleep for Africa when I was pregnant, I will snooze off at any traffic light that it took horns blaring to wake me up. it was a major struggle for me to stay awake while driving. I remember I had to travel to Warri for work and the day I got back I took a cab from the airport and told the driver my house is in igbo - efon, Lekki. afterwards I dozed off, at a point I heard "madam, madam" and the taxi driver tapped me and said where is your house, we don reach igbo - efon. Gosh I was dazed and it dawned on me that if it were to be some funny human being or ritualist what would have happened to me??? that was the day I got a driver.

  51. I have 3 boys and had them in the same hospital in Kaduna state (Nasara hospital). I have never dilated upto 10cm neither was CS performed on me. The consultant is beyond great and is a pastor so you get double dose of care. no vaginal poking,not too expensive and great care from the staff. my first son I dilated and stopped at 7cm, 2nd son 6cm while the last 5cm.the dr practically gave birth to the baby himself with little help from me cos I was just shouting am dying oh. I can't stand pain at all. it's important to always ask people their experiences of hospitals before making a choice.

  52. Hi Sisi,
    Pregnancy was smooth for me. I stopped working at the beginning of the 9th month because I traveled out. I had a similar experience with childbirth, my first also but I had my baby in the U.S. I was 41 weeks and 3 days and went for my weekly check up when they told me that the heart rate of my baby was low and I will have to go to the Labour & Delivery room immediately for an induction. I was so scared, i was not prepared for it at that point but I had no choice.
    When I got there, the dipped their finger into my vagina (very annoying) and said I was not dilating at all so broke my water and then gave me the drip stuff and the contractions started. It wasn't bad for the first few hours, all of a sudden the pain started. Mehn......the pain was crazy and after 10 hours, i couldn't take it anymore and i requested for epidural which stopped the pain completely, as in, i couldn't feel anything, i was just chilling for the baby to come but she didn't. The doctors kept checking every 3 hours but not much progress was made. After 24 hours, I started feeling cold and told the nurses to give me blankets because it was winter and it snowed that day; which one of them did but the other was so grumpy- she started saying the temperature of the room was fine and I had a fever, my aunties with me supported me because they didn't even take of their winter jackets. I was like "God forbid", "Where did the fever come from?"
    An hour later the bad belle nurse came back with the doctor and said that they will need to take out the baby as dilation isn't progressing (dilation stopped at 6cm) and my water has been broken for over 24 hours and there's a high chance the baby may have an infection... I started rejecting it and they were looking at me like a weirdo. After 30 minutes with much persuasion from my aunts, I agreed. I just kept on praying...they gave me the epidural for pain and was asking if i can feel anything, I shouted Yes o! This thing isn't working, Don't cut me o! So they had to knock me out completely and performed the surgery. I didn't get to see my baby until 15 hours later (They put her on antibiotics because of the fever they claimed I had)
    All in all, God is great. Even though, I really don't tell people my delivery story because of the way people feel sorry for you because that's the reaction I got from the few people I have told... My daughter is 3 Months now and she is very healthy...

  53. Oh lord, I'm not sure I'm supposed to be watching this at 9months pregnant! 😫

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Please I just watched your delivery video and you mentioned that you had painful periods. Please what did you do about the pain and did you take drugs?


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