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Hello my luvvies! Here's today's Sisi Weekly! These videos are a week/2 weeks behind so this is all that happened the week leading to my birthday. Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE so that you are the first to receive my new videos. It's free

Went for the naming ceremony of my friend's daughter -this my friend you should know by now. Her name is Yotan, we went to her baby shower a few vlogs back, and her wedding a few Monday ChitChats ago. LOL. Click this link HERE, HERE and HERE you will enjoy those posts!! Well she's had a baby girl and I am very thrilled for her and her hubby.

Also went for the Leverage conference as a speaker and it was fun! I wasn't feeling well that day but The Lord was my strength! You get to see it all in today's vlog!

Shoutout to my friend Eyi who brought a birthday cake for me on the eve of my birthday because she knew traffic won't let her reach my house on my birthday. How thoughtful and sweet!

To all of you who sent me messages, God bless you! 


  1. Nice vlog as usual, Sisi! Your friend is so sweet... lovely cake. Awww Tito's sitting videos are so funny. God bless you, lady.

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    1. Sisi now I commad you. You must not be a Nigerian wife. Fat and fat. Your ministry is too different for that. Start cutting down. Sharp sharp. If lepaciois Bose can do it. Sisi yemmie can do better. Start now asap. I dont care if you don't have time. From a beloved reader that hardly comments.

  2. Tito is absolutely CUTE
    Plus we have way too many same cloths, he and my son haha.

    I am glad Junior is back to help you and err;thing
    Loved the part of the video where u moved from 'wedding' makeup to make up free. That contrast is beautiful. Plus I love how flushed the face was in the morning

    Err, what else?
    Nice vlog and WELLDONE mama

    Oh the cake was very thoughtful, bless yourn friends


  3. Susie please I beg u, try n watch your weight,u are really adding couple with your stomach,I know you had a baby but by now e suppose to don go down..saying dis cos I really like u,bin following ur vlog for a long time and this is nit the yemisi I use to see

  4. Titobi always cute love d way he keeps smiling

  5. Oh Tito's sitting brouhaha 😁 He will soon perfect it and do shakara for you. I love that wrap skirt,I'm so copying it. Now ikomo jellof is hungrying me 😒 Welcome uncle Junior,we miss you.

  6. Good to have Uncle Junior back...Tito's "sitting practice" is soooo funny, he ll perfect it soon am sure. Nice vlog as usual.

  7. Sad face# my data and airtime got exhausted while watching your vlogs!.I was so glued I couldn't stop watching them. You have a lovely family, may God keep giving you reasons to be happy!
    Sisi nene#

  8. Cut this lady some slack Abeg I was this big when I had my twins via cs got my body back after a year

  9. Sisi, you are beautiful! Those folds came because of a good cause. Rock that oroboliciousness! I loff u

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