Hello, Hello, Hello! How body? I'm a bit under the weather today and it started since saturday but I was ignoring it. I pray I am stronger for the event tomorrow, wish me luck!

I'm trying to ignore the fact that the vlog is late again. Did you notice? When you have a baby, plans sometimes scatter because babies have their own plans. I cannot say I will upload on Mondays and my Oga At The Top will say something else...LOL

My birthday is next Monday YAY! 19th of October! I have NO PLANS. I just wish BOBO was around, then I would have made proper plans. I still feel I should have organised something sha, it's not too late. What do you guys think I should do that day?


  1. Awwww, lovely make up looks as always. About the weight, you'll be fine, just reduce carbs for now. Would have loved to see your green outfit, looked so much like a celeb, what? U a celeb

  2. luv this videos. I luv the smoked chicken (always have dis in my freezer), I think the Vitamin C dosage should be one and for your weight, I also breastfeed and have lost my baby weight, my baby is 3 months. I eat a lot of oats (those ones in small satchets) sprinkled with groundnuts, no sugar just milk added for breakfast or dinner, drinks loads of water/tea and my major heavy meal is during lunch and have started exercising (3x a week) just to firm up so u can do it. start gradually and get an accountability partner, watch the carbs. eat dem but load up with veggies. Luv titobi's stretch and cry for food wit eyes closed cos I can relate

  3. I got so emotional when I saw that pregnant woman crying. May she deliver safely like the Hebrew women. As for the weight Sisi,u wl be fine. I feel its cos of the fact that you are a nursing mom,that's why.
    By the way,I didnt see Uncle Junior....
    A happy Birthday in advance to you

  4. There is only one sisi yemmie and she lives here.. nice one

  5. Just reduce what you eat and you'll be fine..ur son is ur videos

  6. My Sisi baby. Na who nor get pikin go talk sey e easy to blog and be a Mummy. Speaking candidly from a similar situation. My baby can change plans and make you re-schudule appointments.

    I have to prepare way earlier for any event. She can poop or soil clothes within split seconds. Pheew!

    That aside, I wish I were in Lagos, I would have come visit to celebrate with you. Just get some pizza, chicken wings and other goodies and invite a few good friends home. Jist and have fun, knowing that you are in a comfortable place (home) with baby and with friends (who love you).

    Have a nice chat over the phone or skype with Bobo and finish your day with thanks and prayers to God almighty.

    Happy birthday in advance hun.



  7. Just watch what you eat and exercise. less carbs and more protein and fruit and veg.

    breastfeeding made me lose A LOT of weight and my baby is four months old now. I went from 53kg pre pregnancy to 70kg by the time I was full term and I currently weigh 57kg thanks to breastfeeding, exercise and a strict low card diet.

  8. Sisi your makeup is just beautiful,I love those lipsticks.Titobi looking dapper as always.I love the surprise shower,yea that's what friends do for friends.May she deliver safely Insha Allah.Happy birthday in advance,wish you all the good things of life.


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