I absolutely love opportunities where you my lovely readers get something from me and I am thankful that AmaliBeauty is giving YOU the opportunity to come to Zazaii in VI to get a free manicure. Got mine already and if you follow me on instagram you already see that I mentioned the giveaway and showed a little bit about my experience:

It was a nice experience, the space was very nice and there was a lady from The Nail Bar to get my manicure done. She was so pleasant and we had fun gisting. I even showed bits on it on my periscope. 

The last time I had a manicure done was way before I had my baby so it's been a long, long time because you know a busy mamma ain't got time for that but when I heard this one was free....I couldn't pass it up! 

Typically, the place I used to get my nails scarred me, the nail technician would file my nails sotay it may bleed or hurt for days because of the gragra she uses. This experience was different, no flinching. And yes, those are my nails! 

Amalibeauty had an array of gel nail polishes and from what I heard, these type of polishes last longer than other types, I'm excited to see how long mine will last. I chose to paint my nails a baby pink called "Agape", very sweet pink. 

Thank you The Nail Bar and Amali Beauty!

If you want a free manicure please feel free to pop in at Zazaii, 36 Balarabe Muse, Off Samuel Manuwa in VI. Just let them know you're from SisiYemmie :)

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  1. When you see freebies and cannot capitalize on it, then you know your kids are the boss!


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