Last week I was invited as a speaker (Eees like this speaking thing is my new career oh) at the Leverage Conference in Lagos State University. When I was contacted at first I really didn't want to do it because you know when I get in public oju m'an timi = my eyes are pushing me =  I am shaming shy.  However the convener Abraham was persistent-oh he was! I gave in!

I tried to prepare for this speech but I couldn't think of anything to say. I had at leat 2 months to prepare oh! On the day I got there prepare to bulldoze them with bullshit but God intervened. LOL. I did have a few points written down on my phone but it was more like skeletons, I needed to make my speech robust so I need flesh. 

Just before I spoke Chigul's video was played and that was not my first time watching it but she ministered to me and gave me the flesh for my speech. Thank you Chigul for being my inspiration  and case study. 

So how do you maintain originality and uniqueness as blogger? Make I no lie, e hard die!!! There are so many of us!There are lifestyle bloggers like me, tech bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, gossip bloggers  and more. How can you stand out from the crowd?

Don't be a weist- Sometimes people come online and try to morph into what people want you to be- you're wasting your life;don't be a weist!!! Be original, Be authentic. Who better to tell your story the way you would than you? Feel free to be yourself. There's something about being original, no matter how much people copy you they can never gerrit right. Do you boo! Don't copy, when you do it reinforces the person you copy. Bad market!

Be an expert in your niche-You cannot be a tech blogger and not know your own stuff. Some bloggers make the mistake of not doing their research. You want others to do your homework for you? If you say you are a beauty blogger you need to sabi de tin. If you know nada , you cannot make it. Keep updating your knowledge. Only when you are the best that you can stand out. Ecc 9 vs 10 even says, "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it well!"

Be persistent and consistent-Not everyone can be a master of everything, maintain ya lane. Don't say you are a fashion blogger today then tomorrow you are a tech blogger. You're confusing us your audience. Have your own writing style, maintain it. At the conference someone said they love my blog because of how I write, and over the years people have said it. Other people say they know me because of my love for food, because over the years I've made that know. When you are consistent in your niche, you will stand out. If a food company is looking for who to be on their billboard which blogger will they call? Me! (LOL...This is a pitch)

Maintain ya champion-I've not come this far without people trying to copy me. That's what happens when your're an original and authentic in your niche. People will always copy but like Chigul says, you need to maintain ya champion. Stay ahead of the copycats. When you are authentic you cannot run out of ideas because you did not copy them. An example is a student (not me!) in school writing an exam and copying from another persons work ...imagine if the person flips the page, the guy copying will be stuck. Tension. When you're not original continuity is hard. 

Praiiiise master Jesus! Another plaque to add to my collection. Thank you @iamoabraham for organising such an enlightening event. I was so tired (from flu), sore throat and all + nervous, but thank God I spoke well...I don't know where the words were flowing from lol. Thanks for all your tips. Key points from my speech on how to maintain brand originality and uniqueness: 🔸 Be original. You are a weist trying to be someone else. 🔸 Be the best in your niche:give your all. 🔸Be consistent. Be persistent. 🔸 Maintain ya champion: keep reinventing yourself. Stay a step ahead of the copycats. #Branding #contentcreator #sisiyemmie #NigerianBlogger #Happy #BMProChai #lagosliving #youtubenigeria #LifestyleBlogger #blogger #bloggeroftheyear #leverageconference #leverage #Original #Thankful #BloggingNaCareer
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  1. Thank you Sisi! I really needed this o

  2. Welldone Sisi Yemi! Keep doing you and keep inspiring us.

    I am a wedding/event blogger(even though my consistency is 40/100) naughty me!!) I try to blog as often as my day job permits, make I no lie, my day job dey squeeze me shege!! So most times I'm too tired to think or write. But I have refused to give up on the blog or shut it down (shudders!!) I cant even imagine it.

    Severally, people have told me "be a gossip blogger, be a lifestyle blogger, not everyone is interested in mushy things", but I no even send anybody. I love me my weddings and I am passionate about the industry.

    I watched a YouTube video of Ngee and Chigul, and they talked about most of the points you mentioned here, especially "Maintain ya Champion" very hilarious video laced with insights and truths.
    Congrats on the plaque and Weldone Weldone Weldone!!!

  3. Sisi yemmi, I just nominated you for an award on my blog here:
    But wait o, now that you're a mommy, should we still call you "sisi"? But you look like a sisi jor so forever sisi :D

  4. This is a must read for every blogger.. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice tips. Keep up the good works.

  6. Guess what my hubby and I were watching your pregnancy story yesterday (was gonna inbox you on that...May I?) And he said " I like her kind of blogging, it's interesting and it's not copy and paste!" Cheers ma'am!

  7. Thank you for haring, it can be hard being original because most people like certain thing especially in fashion blogging if you dont look a certain way people automatically ignore you. But you right.

    Simply Uneeke

  8. You got very good points, Sisi. When you are original, you will find your audience.

    My Precious Blog

  9. Great. great. great points. Originality rocks!

  10. You know what sisi Yemie I only found u on fb early this morning around 3am!!! But I am fast becoming a fan of yours men!! Lol
    U have defo inspired me
    To crack on with what I wanna do at the mo I work in a big bank in England but u know what for long now I have been putting off setting my on thing!! Up my husband keeps telling me to go for it guess what na today be the 1st day of me doing it for me. Ps loved ur blog on ur baby delivery/ c.s slash everything u are one cool chick love to Tito

  11. I agree with everything! staying consistent is key and I've learnt my lesson. My problem was (was because I am speaking in faith) posting continuously. My posts were (faith again) all over the place in terms of timing. I have managed to create a schedule and make time. Hopefully, this will work over time.

    Mira La Belle blog

  12. My sister is a fan of your blog, had to check it out and guess what way back when.... And am so loving all about you.

  13. well done Sisi Yemmie, you have come a long way, well done!


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