Last month a lucky reader won my 6 year blogging anniversary giveaway- a weekend stay at Intercontinental Hotel for 2. That was a grand prize and I was so excited for the couple! I love giveaways and I pray bigger ones come...so keep your fingers crossed! I really wanted to know how Blessing Edoreh and her husband enjoyed the experience and here's what they had to say! 

On Entering For The Giveaway:
I entered the competition because first of all, our first wedding anniversary month was just days away and we had no idea how best to celebrate it and at the same time save cost. As i was thinking about it, viola, your giveaway popped up and i told myself, i just have to win this for us. Secondly, the heat this period has been terrible and i work from home. Due to fuel scarcity, it wasn't possible to run our generator 24/7, so the experience wasn't funny at all. Everyday i keep telling my husband, i wish we can just go somewhere for some days with constant AC, i'll be just fine. And since i'm very picky when it comes to hotels, we didn't bother lodging at hotels around us.

Thirdly, i love giving people surprises and thought it will be the perfect surprise for my husband if i were to win this for us and we redeem it in our anniversary month. So i entered for it.

On Winning The Giveaway
I was super excited. The day you said it'll be announced, i kept checking your page every hour. I think it was about 12 midnight i refreshed your blog and with my heart in my mouth, i scrolled down and saw my name as the winner. It was just too good to be true. My husband was already fast asleep but i couldn't wait till morning. I woke him up and showed him. When it finally dawned on him that we are actually spending a weekend at the prestigous Intercontinental Hotel with meals, sleep cleared from his eyes. Haha. We talked about it for an hour before finally going to bed.

On Intercontinental Hotel Hospitality and Room
The hospitality was top notch. That was the best part about my stay. I expected to encounter so many stern faces because we were giveaway winners and didn't pay for the rooms but there was no such thing. I've also had my fair share of terrible customer service from so many Nigerian brands but i really have to give the staffs at Intercontinental a thumbs up. They were super-nice and even when they were trying to confirm who we are when we went to claim our meals, they still treated us like royalty and didn't keep us hanging for too long.

The room was fantastic. The sheets were clean, bathroom neat, towels were spotless, AC worked perfectly and there was no awkward smell unlike what i experience in some hotels. We could view the city all the way to the toll gate from our room. It was a beautiful scene. Everything was in place, we didn't need to call housekeeping to demand for any item. The only thing i was concerned about was the water which was lukewarm in our first night but by morning we were able to get steaming hot water from the shower.

On Dinning Experience At Intercontinental Hotel
At first my husband was shy about picking varieties from the buffet at Ekaabo restaurant but i told him this was an opportunity to explore their variety of food so we can decide if we want to come back someday or not. For lunch, i had their chicken peppersoup as an appetizer, poundo yam and egusi as my main course and a mixture of their various freshly pressed juice, while my husband tried out same meal but with their chapman.

We didn't have to chase after any waiter as they were all hovering around and we could easily signal them for our needs. We enjoyed their complimentary breakfast as well. 

Would They Go Back?
Definitely! The hotel is pricey of course but worth it. Maybe when the economy gets better, we'll be a regular customer at their Ekaabo restaurant.
How The Weekend Stay Helped Their Relationship/Marriage
During our stay there, we were able to take our mind off making meals, turning on the generator, washing dishes, cleaning the house and every other thing that kept us busy at home. We talked and discussed about so many things in bed. You don't want to know what that see-through bathroom caused. *laughs*

I just want to say thanks to you and Intercontinental Hotel for this unforgettable experience. I guess it pays to be a faithful Sisi Yemmie blog reader :)

Stay tuned for more giveaways!!!


  1. Wow...that's great...pray for mine too someday

  2. hahaha, Please what did the see through bathroom cause oo??

    Congrats again to the couple. Sisi Yemmie, we need an international giveaway oo. This cheating no fair at all.

  3. chai how i wish i was the winner *seven days fasting and praying activated*.

    Stop waiting for prince charming!

  4. Glad you two had a good. From your experience, I can see Intercontinental Hotel is worth visiting.

  5. Awwww I was just smiling throughout while reading this post. Thank you, Sisi Yemmie for making this couple smile. They look so happy and the food is so inviting. It helps to take time off once in a while as a couple.

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  6. Sisiyemmie!!. i just love you.......

  7. Awwwww! Love it.

  8. Good for them. Happy family. Thanks Sisi Yemmie for the opportunity.

  9. Cool post. Great review for intercontinental hotel.

  10. Aww I loved how happy the couple looked, you can tell they had a lot of fun.


  11. I smiled throughout reading the post - Kudos to you sisi yemmie and yes o international giveaway nko? (smiling)

  12. dis is soooo cool and on point. Tnks Sisi Yemmie for this great thought and sponsorship.wish to be the next....


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