Isoko wadooo!!! Do I have Isoko readers? Where una dey? My friends brother got married over the weekend and I attended both traditional and white was an Isoko affair so you will see a lot of dancing in the video-I loved it! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel so that you will be the first to get my videos oh! Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE-it's free!

The week started on a low for me because I was all up in my emotions but I shook it off as the days went by. Truth is everyone has problems, how you deal with your problems is what matters. I always try to remember that na condition make crayfish bend and no condition is permanent. Amen?

We ended the week by attending GTB's Food and Drink Fair on the Island. It was fun and it was almost like a meet and greet. We met over 20 people that watch these vlogs and read the blog-we took photos. I was just feeling shy anyhow...LOL. You all are an amazing bunch, thank you for all the love. God bless you!


  1. I love everything Isoko!!!
    I married one too. :D

    They even played my best song, Agbunure God!!!
    Sisi, You just dey make me bust moves anyhow for here. LOL
    Great video babe.

  2. That your seafood okro! chaiii looks amazing.
    It's Munastic

  3. sisi, how we go do bdy ohhhhh.....that's d post I av been waiting for

  4. wow, small world. I know Enifo from Kaduna, also met the bride's kid sis (i think) last year. Beautiful isoko wedding! I should have gone for the GTB food fair ooooo, i clearly missed #wailing
    Happy birthday to Tito in advance

  5. We are here o. I'm Isoko and also married to an Isoko man. So our wedding was strictly an Isoko affair. Hope you chop enough starch and owho? Let me watch the vlog first

  6. Oh my!That okro is inviting me without the sea food though.Tito,your walking is shakin you abi,kwatinue.Sisi so you don't know you are a mega superstar,looking forward to the day I will meet you.Nice content as usual.

  7. Aaaaawww! take a cyberhug. it happens though. Usually when i'm feeling some type of way, like all up in my feelings for no reason, its usually PMS. Please read my blog post on this and some tips on handling it.-

  8. I missed meeting you at the GTBank Food Fair! *crying* I remember seeing Adebola Williams but every girl was like "Hi!!! Can I take a selfie" and i cannot comean embarass myself so I kept walking...

  9. Nice One dear....I love everything about Isoko, they are such a warm people to be with. I am hoping to marry from there some day. I have an article on food that can be served in a typical Isoko wedding, just take a look


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