Hows everyone doing? The vlog of the week is up! I'm actually enjoying this. I went to BriefEssentials the other day to pick out some underwear (TMI) so I tried on some body shapers and that thing is magical! The whole belle just enter, fiam! Hmmmm...while I'm still working on the weight, no harm in faking it till I make it. 

One of the highlights of my week was Jumoke's story-the lady that went from Agege bread seller to Model just by photobombing a shoot TYBello was doing for Tinie Tempah (Blog post about this coming soon). 

On to other important topics: how far this Valentine na? What have you got planned? *wiggles brows*


  1. Thank God for sound health. So glad to see Bobo all bubbly. Also, am in total support of everything Bobo said as par the woman that killed her husband. I wonder how someone could be that heartless to the extent of stabbing a man that you claimed to love to death. That's the height of wickedness. I hope they won't sweep this case under the carpet cos that woman should be killed also.

    I always look forward to your weekly blog and yes am following you on IG, u too should follow me back on J4jummiejay. Don't forget to do that

    May God continue to uphold your home. One love

  2. Suck belle make shirt fine: Sisi abeg naw wound person with laugh jooor.
    Mothers! I hail o, with my first boy who is 5yrs old, he adapted easily as in first day of school no tear, he was even telling me bye-bye. But with the second who is 3yr old, his first two weeks were tear-filled, the first day he cried from the time I dropped him That was 8:00am in the morning till afternoon when I picked him, 1:00pm, my people that was 5hours of crying, we used Paracetamol every afternoon for 2weeks.
    I guess dropping him consistently will make him more familiar with the creche environment.
    Sisi dash me that your work-gown, I need it seriously in my life.
    Like Charlie Boy puts it, "he said she hawked bread to her glorious destiny" God works in mysterious ways, I'm so happy for her.

  3. LMFAOOOOO I started laughing so hard the way Bobo said "Yemisi is a sexist". He said I know my wife...loved it. And oh I agree with him about that woman. Meanwhile, make me sef go buy waist clincher Abi na trainer oo.

  4. Another interesting sisi weekly. So sisi u no dey like to bathe abi we don catch you thanks to bobo lol. About your blender I heard its not good to grind beans with blender, it spoils the blender better to use grinding machine instead. That jumoke's story is soooo inspiring thank God for using ty bello to help that woman. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  5. Uncle Junior made me laughh sooooooo hard , the way he said "finish" at the end.
    lovely and real family.

  6. Yeah dropping him consistently will definitely help. With my second he cried all the time when he was going only 3days a week but once he went full time he bounces into the nursery and waves to me! Just give him time and try to be a little more consistent, even if it's just a few hours everyday, it helps. Good luck. I love Uncle Junior's last bit, all this story are we going on not! Finish, lol!!!

  7. Hi Sisi yemmie, please what brand of rice did you use for your fried rice?


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