If you want to see mothers debate extensively just ask them about the diapers they use for their babies and you will hear all sorts of arguments on why the brand they use is better and the others rubbish! When I had Tito that was the most confusing thing ever, should I do Huggies abi I should stay on the Pampers lane? I even did a post on it and the comments were so so so interesting ( click here to check it out). My baby bomboy is 9 months old now and I've switched between brands at different times with the latest being the Pampers baby-dry.

When I was pregnant I was invited by Procter and Gamble, Nigeria’s leading producer of consumer goods and maker of Pampers baby diapers to the plant after the newly improved Pampers Baby-Dry was launched into the baby care market and I got to see the behind-the-scenes (how it is manufactured) but still I had doubts.

A few weeks ago I started using the Pampers I got and I'll tell you what I think. First impression:
  • Very lightweight
  • Fits very snug
  • Price is right! (Please dollar haff cost)
I've been using a particular brand that was making me wince anytime Tito poos because I start calculating the cost of buying diaper (eeeeees nor cheap!) that the Dollar and Naira rate is just anyhow we have to be prudent in spending money. This thing is just for poopoo...we shouldn't be "investing" in it. 

Tito, my son is a very rambunctious kid and very active, he's standing now and beginning to take his first few steps, it is so exciting!!! Whenever he stands he looks at me, the expression on his face is "Mommy look at me!!!!" and he squeals with so much joy! If you watch my vlogs you would have seen him in this mode LOL.  
"I can stand!!!"

It is important that he is comfortable while he's disturbing the house, crawling and grabbing everything, keeping me on my toes. When he goes to bed I do not change him till morning because once you mistakenly wake that boy penren...just know no more sleep that night. I've noticed that Pampers Baby-Dry keeps him dry (if he's wet he will wake up).
Tito loves Owambe's and the last thing I want to do while we are out is changing diapers! So I'm glad he stays dry and can boogie till he falls asleep!
A tired out Tito
The only snag is that the wooly part of the diaper keeps peeling like you can see in the photo below and somehow when the diaper is full it drops really low, I guess that's my cue to change him. However it is something I noticed. 
Regardless, It's a great product, works for Titobambam and works for my pocket. 

What diaper have you been using for your baby and why did you choose it? 


  1. I use Huggies oh. it's 14k for a cartoon of size 4 containing 180 pieces. Biko help me do the maths with ur pampers and holla if it's actually cheaper. thanks

  2. Haha.
    I think I need to be a pampers ambassador too oh. First Tiwa Savage, now you....
    I havent tried this pampers baby dry oh, but the pampers swaddlers (the american one is really good!) and its even more expensive than the huggies everyone shouts about (much ado about huggies for nothing!) When I was pregnant, everyone was shouting that huggies was the best, hence I joined the bandwagon. Huggies is a good brand, keeps my 'mobear dry all night, but is it just me, or the snug and dry variant (which is actually the economy version, so when I see all these mummies at the hospital trying to feel posh with themselves, I just chuckle under my breath) is just boring to look at..lool (who spends times staring at a babies diaper...I do! Yes I know I have problems) Since i have a whole consignment from over the sea, I may not be able to try the pampers here. But I'm glad atleast its a quality product

  3. Hi Sisi, yea about the wooly part even my daughter pulls it out her self. the diaper isnt bad at all.

  4. I use huggies FOR MY baby and it was very good I thing i will give pampers a try but anyway hav use it once and it was nice

  5. Lol @ it's just for poopoo πŸ˜‚ So true! We only use Pampers from day 1 (mostly because that's what my mom used for us so I felt comfortable with it). We've used both the baby dry line and also the swaddlers line. Both are good though my husband and I have a slight preference for the swaddlers :) long term though, I think we'll just keep switching back and forth between the two to get the best of both

  6. Pampers!!! I'm a new mother, my son is 5 months and since his birth, i'm using pampers the swaddlers line, i'm very happy, i tried Huggies and baby dry but they were not so good.

  7. Hmmm sisiyemmie, I did a post on buy naija to grow the naira where I pledged to buy Nigerian products when possible. I had previously tried the Nigerian pampers when I had my first baby and I wrote it off. So I decided to try it on my second when I heard of the new improved pampers, sadly it's still the same story. I understand that u are probably an ambassador and hence the positive review. They really need to improve on the product. It does not hold weewee at all. I had to change my daughter twice at night, she even got diaper rash because it kept her bum wet and would seep out. I had to swallow my pledge and went back to pampers premium care (the quality of this one sef has also reduced).

    1. I totally agree with you, the Nigerian pampers is not so good at all though I have not tried d foreign one though, will probably do due to the review they r getting

    2. I can't but agree with you, as for me it doesn't cut it at all.I tried Nigerian pampers for a couple of weeks while I was waiting for my Aldi Diapers which I ordered from the UK; and I must say it didn't work for me. The moment my baby pees in it once it's already sagging and when you remove it I can see the wetness on her skin and sometimes the gel used to lock in the moisture.


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