For me it all started with Team Natural, Team Relaxed and Team Texlaxed...I only mention 4 but there are more teams than I can count. As I journey through life I realise that these teams are endless, pointless and irritating. 

Right before I decided to go natural I noticed that there were different teams and not necessary for good reasons. It seemed, that Team Natural considered themselves better than the other teams and were quick to school anyone else that wasn't in the team. This was one of the reasons I didnt want to carry my kinky hair...I didn't want to be in anybody's camp!

Oh...I only knew about this segregation after I had my baby. I had a friend who came to visit at the hospital and the first thing he said was Eiyaa (with pity) and I responded, "why Eiya?" she said, because you did CS and not "Natural" LOL. Someone even went as far as saying it was lazy women that gave birth via CS and the Hebrew ones pushed their babies out. Wondafu. The stigma that surrounds a Caesarean section in Nigeria is topic for another day, someone women would rather die than do it. Tufiakwa!

Search #TeamLightskin on instagram and you'll find it. So it IS a thing. Ladies wan bleach now to destroy their natural complexions. Someone came up with #TeamMelanin, that's a positive. Is this segregation necessary? 

It is good if you're on a healthy journey but don't put others down while doing so. I had to delete someone off my BBM who kept going "Fat is disgusting" "TeamFitFam For Life" "Orobo no dey reign"...I do find it ridiculous. Then there are those that food shame you. i.e "why you eating white rice, don't you know carbs are bad" "why you using palm oil"? "why you drinking soda"? Oh dear...wetin mans go chop now? 

Oya come and collect award!


  1. Ignorance is killing our people. I was born by CS because of complications and it saved me and my mother's life. Anyone that would come to visit a mother that just gave birth and even as much as crack a CS shaming joke is a "bad belle". That person doesn't wish you well or have your interest at heart. What a sad level of reasoning people are on. CS or not CS, birth is beautiful and both are blessed by the Lord.

    Lady G

  2. Well for me I am light in complexion and I wonder if it is even recognized especially if you are African. I believe a lot of people have the mindset that the fact that you are African you are meant to have a certain complexion or you may have bleached (*I don't deny that people bleach to attain this complexion). I think it is the dark skinned peeps that blow it out of proportion - I hear things like Africa Beauty (*because she is black - I rarely see a picture of some that is light skinned being called African beauty), In fact when adverts are being done to depict our race there is every tendency that a black woman is used - Black is African, (*hence the kickback at Eku Edewor's Thisday shoot - of course I may not have agreed with everything as regards the shoot but complexion was a major issue for a lot of people while I felt that even if she was dark skinned it wasn't right to portray slavery/child abuse. Although that wasn't their intent maybe) or Black is beauty...Now I am beginning to sound like someone that has an issue with the complexion :-) Straight to the point I love dark skinned girls and light skinned girls, I don't think any is more African than the other or superior to the other, I think we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. P.s: I think this is my first comment here.

  3. Uhmmmm, I'm team natural all the way o. The rest of my family members are Team relaxed but I've educated them enough to know that their hair can be as full and strong as mine it's all about hair care really and nothing else. As for the other teams eh, I wish them all the best, lol


    1. This post is about people like you but you are obviously too blind to see it! Live and let live!

    2. Another one is Team Exclusive vs Team Formula

  4. Sisi you took the words right out of my bossom.Ignorance at its peak. The most irritating one is the CS VA Natural birth. Like wth? Many women don't even get to make the choice so... Thts d most serious in my opinion.

  5. Fitfam vs fatfam that is the most annoying one sisi, trying to form keeping fit person no go chop wetin dey hungry am, eg ' I don't eat butter anymore it causes belly fat' mtchewww so make I dey use palm oil or make i chop the bread like that. Am not saying its bad oo but don't rub ur 'keepingfitandstayinghealthy' in my face. Everyone has what works for them. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  6. Sisi Yemmie, God bless you for this post. I get tired when I see people trying to create reason for further division. As if we don't have enough yama yama things causing fight for us already. At the end of the day, everyone should discern what their own path is and follow it. Great post

  7. Thanks for talking about it. The #Team stuff is getting out hand. #Teamwhatever but Be YOU.

  8. The one I find the most ridiculous is the Vaginal birth vs. Cesarean section. How can any right thinking person even come up with such an idea? That is just the most shallow way of thinking!

  9. My motto in life, "do you"...last last na 6 feet under all of us go end.

    Team Single Vs Married women is the worse for me...God will help us all.



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