You never know how much a baby is going to change your life till you actually have one! No holiday is ever going to be the same again. Balancing parenthood and romance is not easy especially for new parents and this can take a toll on your relationship/marriage. Valentine's day is a good time to hit that refresh button! Just remember to manage expectations and keep it simple!

1. If you have a baby then going out may have to be postponed till another day, however all is not lost! You can surprise your partner very early in the morning (wake them up!) with breakfast in bed :). It does not have to be a huge meal, just food that requires a quick prep and food you know they'll love! In the video below I show how to prepare Zobo Pap and Quick Akara, also how to decorate your breakfast tray!

2. Allow your partner sleep in. Daddies this is for you! Take care of the baby while mummy recharges her batteries and gets her much needed beauty sleep. When my mom told me I would not be able to sleep 7 hours straight now I have a baby I thought she was exergerrating...I wake up at least 4 times at night to nurse my son and extra hours in bed would be wonderful and a bouquet of fresh flowers like the one I got from FloralsAndYou will make me smile all day!

3. For parents with older children (toddlers), and grandparents close by or single pringles like my brother Uncle Junior, you're in luck. Find a way to make a reservation at your favourite restaurant (please make a reservation because Valentine's Day can be very busy and everywhere is booked), surprise your partner with a new dress or accessory, and whisk them away! Not every time cook, cook, sometimes eat out! Ofadaa.com has a list of Restaurants that will be having offers this Valentine!

4. No one to take care of baby? No worries. Now make sure you arrange for a romantic dinner and movies AT HOME. The only way this can happen is if baby gets an early night. Once thats done, turn down the lights, turn up the baby monitor, cosy up together with comfort food in front of your TV (I cannot guarantee 3 hours without interruption if your baby is still so young).

What will you be doing for Valentines? You can try winning a giveaway dinner at Samantha's Grill in Ikoyi for you and your partner, see the instructions! :)


  1. Yemisi you are a clown. I LOVE YOU and cant wait to meet you.

  2. What a perfect way to spend time with le boo! So economical and perfect, as he likes indoor and good food. Thanks sisi


  3. When I was in the university (unilag), my pocket money was on a weekly basis, so by Thurs, am broke.
    One very bad week like that, money finished a Lil early (wed) and I was just left with my transport money back home for the weekend and since I was broke, I decided, I wldnt be unnecessaarily hungry or if possible. I wldnt be hungry at all.
    I stopped eating and started taking cabin and water from Wednesday morning, something happened and I had to be in school till sat morning, by Friday morning, the hunger was beginning to tell on me but I din't even notice cos I was broke. By evening, I was running temperature, while I was on my bed, a guy I had just started dating 2 months back called me and said he was downstairs and he wld love to see me, by then i was shivering .I went downstairs and wen I hugged him, he was alarmed, he was like "ure boiling" and I was like, its nothing ( I was still forming) and he was like we shd get to the pharmacy but before that you shd get sumtin to eat first! Na so, he took me to this restaurant ( huskies), bought me dinner and after I had dinner, temperature disappeared oh.. Lol. I was embarrassed but I sha formed I dont care.
    I think he realized I was sick cos of hunger but he didn't say anything but all through that school year, he made sure we had dinner, lunch or sometimes both together. Its been 6years and I don't think there's anything he can do that would beat that. tmu2000@yahoo.com.
    Forgive my gbagauns and sorry for the long story

  4. Love this post sisi yemmie! .well how about for those with new baby and toddler. That one na war!!

  5. Lol! I swear I commented before watching the video. Eya single Pringle like uncle junior.. Ur time is coming! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. I was serving in Yola, yes faraway Yola. Well not serving, more like camp and my then boyfriend came to see me in camp all the way from abuja. He drove his truck...didn't let me know he was coming. How he got into camp,I still don't know. All I know is everyone was looking for me. I love surprises so that is one i remember amongst many.

  7. Hahahah nice one sisi. Valentine for me na to cover myself with the blood of Jesus oo cus boo is soooo far away no hope of spending valentine together. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#


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