I was listing with Love Layefa a few weeks ago and were just going over our teenage years and all the foolishness we got up to plus ALL the thing we wished we knew. We had a lot to share with one another so we decided to turn it into a video! Who knows? A youngin' somewhere might need this! 

Layefa is a Nigerian Youtuber in Obodo Oyinbo and she is married with two handsome bobo's, I find her hilarious and she gives awesome advice!!! Make sure you check out her own video! And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!




  1. Haha I totally agree with God preserving; through secondary school God covered me (*He blinded their eyes). The other ones that succeed in approaching it was just easy to say no. Through Uni same thing. Looking back at some of the guys that were chasing then I am glad I said NO! Phew! I was saved! (*Thank master Jesus, Lolz)...Anyways I had this old fashioned idea of waiting to get into a relationship when i am of "marriageable age", so I decided to keep going, I didn't stop at GO, Lolz. Not that I had an elder sister or something plus my brothers were barely around but God gave me brain. Funny when I tell ladies that I didn't crush, I had guys I admired but when I started day dreaming about them I cut it off there and then so it didn't bloom into the crush level. In fact if I knew I had the tendency to like you the rate at which I would brother zone you, buhaha (*who wants to crush on their brother in a romantic way)...This is a great video, I knew it was because of God I had those standards, so it is great to have someone share this with younger girls/guys who may not have that opportunity. I should share one prayer I used to pray then - God make it easy for me to say No to the wrong person and make it hard for me to say No to the right person. A simply heart felt prayer.

  2. Layefa is hilarious. I identify with a lot of things she mentioned. Word!!

  3. Nice one again sisi&layefa, teenage years was sweet sha but there are still something's I regret not doing because right now eh there are so many things to think about no time again for freedom n fun. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#


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