As part of the package Bobo and I got at our wedding from WED Expo, Photogenic Photobooth came through and we had a lovely experience. We got the “Magical” Package, which came with unlimited photos souvenirs, iPad Social Media sharing stations and a customized guestbook album to enjoy later…the album is somewhere in our bedroom –fun memoir. Chei! I just remembered I have not uploaded our white wedding photos…oya next week…stay tuned…don’t touch that dial! 

Aside from all the extra perks like the Red Carpet Experience and PhotoGenic Fairies that came with the package, the amount of rave reviews and kudos that we received from friends and family made it priceless. Getting a photo booth was one of the fun parts of our wedding reception: I actually wish Bobo and I had more time for those pictures, distraction at the wedding was too much but looking at the album later on I got to see people that I didn't know were at the event and it was interesting to see their funny poses.

There was the PhotoBooth photos, the Instaprint photos and the Fairy photos: allow me to explain. The Photobooth photos were the ones our guest took at the Photogenic photobooth, they had fun props and all they just had to do was make silly faces and snap! A photo!
The Instaprint photos were for our wedding hashtags, as a guest if you took a selfie or any photo with your phone/camera and upload during the event with the hashtag we used, it would get printed for you…free! Our hashtags were #PermanentSite #YomYem14 #SisiBobo #Surulere… search them on Instagram! I’m @sisi_yemmie

Ehen, the Fairy photos were taken by their “fairies” walking about the event, camera in hand, giving out branded photo celebrations to guest after guest. Then enabling guests to instantly share the experience on Instagram and Facebook. Pretty cool right? I noticed that during the reception most people stayed glued to the photobooth...awon instagram models. LOL I'm glad my guest enjoyed it.
Do you know you can actually watch some of the PhotoGenic Experience at my Wedding? Yup they do that! Just click the link and you go dey alright  

If you’re a Bride-To-Be and you want something unique for your big day, I’d suggest you consider PhotoGenic Photo Booth….they have various packages and I bet you’ll find one suitable. From the Fabulous Photo Souvenir Favors that every guest will cherish to the Premium Photo Guestbook Album that captures the magic of the day for the wedding couple to the amazing social media integration for friends and family to instantly share the memorable moments, you'll find that PhotoGenic is an exciting addition to your event
They’re not just restricted to weddings oh, they do birthday parties, baby showers concerts, comedy shows, product activation events, expos, carnivals, trade shows, movie premiers and basically any type of event. Check out their gallery to see more of what they've done HERE


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See more PhotoGenic Fairies moments captured at our wedding:


  1. Wow SisiYemmie. You look so beautiful on you wedding day!! I can't wait for my own oh. Photo Booth must happen. God will provide.

  2. WOW photogenic where were you guys when we got married, double WaWO!!! I'll see yll at my wedding anniversary. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow!!! PhotoGenic as done it gain at sisi and bobo's wedding. You guys are great and wonderful i loved the twick u guys gave my last birthday party; can't get to stop my friends from talking about it. Thanks guys you did a wonderful job!!!

  4. when my friend first told me about photogenic photobooth,, i couldnt wait for my birthday to come, but when it finally came, i hired photogenic photobooth and it killed my party,, everyone had the fun of their life and ever since then its photogenic all the way,.. if you want your event to be the talk of the town, go hire the photogenic photobooth,, dont look elsewhere. #teamPhotoGenic.

  5. Photogenic looks really good its a shame i couldn't have them at my wedding, the pictures look awesome. I'll definitely contact them for daughter's birthday coming up. Beautiful!


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